Winter Bike Tire Commuting Tips By BikeBlogger! The last time we featured BikeBlogger, we talked about how to identify a cracked helmet in my post, “Broken Helmet Or Cracked Skull”.

Today, we’re going to discuss how to select the proper winter bike tire. Just like me, BikeBlogger is an avid bicycle commuter.

When I use to bike commute all year long, I owned a hybrid bicycle with wide, puncture resistant tires. Once I switched over to thinner tires from Bontrager I could ride faster, but had less traction.

In this video I’m about to feature, BikeBlogger offers tips on how to select the proper tires, depending upon the conditions.

Just like it’s important to select the proper gear to wear such as jackets, gloves, jerseys, helmet, eyewear, backpack, lights, etc.

It’s even more important to choose the proper winter bike tire.

Some great times on how to choose the proper winter bike tire by BikeBlogger.

  • For riding in dry conditions without ice, it’s okay to use thinner tires which will ride faster on the road.
  • If it’s wet out and it’s about to freeze, you most likely will want to choose studded tires.
  • In snow that’s under 1-inch deep, it’s okay to use road bike tires.
  • Snow that’s over an inch will require wider tires with more grip.
  • Any snow over a few inches will require much fatter tires such as the ones on a fat bike.
  • For more grip you can let a little air out of your tires.
  • You can buy different tires that can be swapped out depending upon weather conditions.
  • If you can afford it, you can also buy a second set of rims with the wider tires already installed, to save time.
  • Depending upon how much space you have, and budget, you can also buy a second bike equipped for the bad weather.

And as promised, here’s the super useful video by BikeBlogger.

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