Xootr scooter mg front wheel.

Why a Kick Scooter?

Adult Kick Scooters Have Come A Long Way

Why would any mentally stable adult make a fool out of himself by riding a kick scooter? Besides, isn’t a folding bicycle much faster and better for climbing hills? And let’s not forget those ridiculously tiny wheels, ready to fall into the tiniest hole or crack.


Side view of rear foot brake and wheel on Micro Sprite kick-scooter
Side view of rear foot brake and wheel on Micro Sprite kick-scooter


If this is the way you feel about kick scooters, I have good news for you. These are not the same scooters that you grew up with, that were invented before cavemen discovered fire. Your thinking is very primitive and not up to speed when it comes to modern urban commuting. Did you know that more people are taking public transportation than ever before?


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Rise Of The Adult Kick Scooter

Over the last few years adult kick scooters have risen in popularity. If you don’t believe me, you can read about it here. At first many adults purchased kick scooter to keep up with their kids at the parks and commuting to school. After realizing how fun and useful they were for traveling short distances, many adults decided to buy one for themselves. Adult kick scooters have bigger wheels for faster and smoother rolling. Wider decks to accommodate adult feet. And a few even have an included front brake for extra stopping power.


Xootr, The Ultimate Folding Kick Scooter - Ad


Kick Scooters Are Way More Portable

At first, I had my doubts like everybody else. But after watching reviews from my favorite retailer NyceWheels, I decided to take a leap of faith. The first kick scooter that I bought was the Amazing Micro Sprite kick scooter.   It is the lightest and most portable adult kick scooter that you can buy.


Weighing only five pounds with tiny wheels, you’d think it would ride slow. Instead, what I got was a super smooth and fast ride that went over three times the speed of walking. Plus, when boarding a bus, I could easily fit it between my legs, allowing me to sit down, even when tightly packed. When getting of the bus, you can quickly unfold it and ride to your desired destination.


Xootr scooter mg folded.
Xootr scooter mg folded.


Kick scooters are also much better for traveling on planes. They are lighter and easier to carry through airports without having to pay for oversized checked bags.

You’ll Quickly Become Addicted To Kick Scooters

I ended up loving the Micro kick scooter so much that I went out and bought the king of all kick scooters, known as the Xootr MG. This is like having a kick scooter on steroids. It moves like lightning. With a bigger deck. The fastest rolling wheels of any small transportation device in existence. And front and back brakes. This bad boy can replace any bicycle with less hassle when traveling around a mile or less.


And a word of caution, this isn’t like the old-fashioned metal kick scooters back in the day, or your child’s plastic kick scooter. This bad boy is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, chromoly, and even has a magnesium deck. And here’s the best part of it: it costs way less than a folding bicycle. No wonder so many New Yorkers are buying these things up like they are going out of style.


So, the next time you’re walking down the street and see an adult riding one of these kick scooters, and passing you up like you’re not even moving, maybe you should think about getting one for yourself.

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