In this featured video, Shifter is going to give you an idea as to which bicycle handlebars are best for your commute.

Here’s what Shifter has to say about which bicycle handlebars are best for your commute

There are so many different types of handlebars that it can be overwhelming to decide which style you should use for your commuting or urban bike life.

So, here I try to simplify everything by breaking down 5 of the most popular styles of bars – riser bars, flat bars, bullhorns, drop bars, and cruiser bars.

And I’ve come up with some categories to rate them in: Speed, comfort, control, practicality, and intangibles.

The 5 types of handlebars shifter will cover in this video about which bicycle handlebars are best for your commute

  • Riser bars
  • Flat bars
  • Bullhorns
  • Drop bars
  • Cruiser bars

Watch the video for complete details

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