Does a lot of money in the bank equal success?
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What Does Real Success Look Like?

The Face Of Real Success

Over the years I’ve asked myself this same question many times. What does real success look like? And surprisingly, the answer has always been different.

When I was still in college, success to me was getting a high paying job. I didn’t care about the amount of hours I’d have to work. Or the sacrifices I’d have to make. All that mattered was, how much the job paid.

As I got older and wiser, my priorities also changed dramatically. Money no longer was my main focus. Making money to take care of the ones I care about has become most important to me. Having more time to spend with the ones I care about is what’s valuable to me. And having financial security, while still making money ethically, is extremely important to me.

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Learning About Success From Positive Role Models

Success is something that I’ve given thought to often. It just took an unexpected event to finally get me to write about it. I got an email from a very positive role model that has given me inspiration for years.

His name is Tyler English and someone who’s achieved quite a bit in his lifetime. He’s been a very successful natural bodybuilder, that’s also helped others make their health goals at his highly successful gyms called, Tyler English fitness. A few years ago he became a loving husband and father, who puts his family above everything else. In his email, he talks about achieving success by having support from those that truly care about you, while staying away from those that don’t. Here’s his very positive and influential email below.

Have you taken inventory of those around you?


It’s what I called it, but it went further than just me.

For years I’ve talked about obtaining my Masters Degree. I had people tell me, those close to me, that I didn’t need it. Or the most common question…


In a word, because, (I sound like a child, I know…)but in more than one word…because it was about me and what I wanted. I had a quest for more knowledge…but I listened to them.

It was nearly 10 years ago that I had people tell me that going back to school was stupid…that I’d be putting my career in jeopardy…

Well, to those people, I just registered for my final two classes of my 5th straight semester that will finish my 1-year track to successfully complete my Masters Degree.

Don’t forget this…

There are people around you who want to see you fail. You may even call them your “friends” but they aren’t.

To succeed in this life you need the support of those closest to you. Don’t ever forget that.

Yesterday, I mentioned how we will all fail, but it’s how we fail that will ultimately lead to out success.

But don’t fail because someone is bringing you down.

Fail because you tried.

Fail because you fell forward and fixed the mistakes upon standing back up.

Never take two steps back to appease someone, who most likely never had your back in the first place.

It’s ok to put yourself first every once in a while.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,


I Can Relate To What Tyler English Is Saying About Success

Just Tyler English, I’ve had many people around me tell me that I’d never succeed when it comes to accomplishing my dreams. When I wanted to start a business, they said that I was crazy and should just work a regular job. These same people were never around to support me when I was down and out. As soon as I failed they all scattered like roaches never to be seen or heard from again.

When I started to succeed, these same people suddenly came rushing back. Suddenly they were calling me. Wanted to hang out, and to be family or best friends again. Even at the job, people acted like they were my friends, but would throw me under the bus or back stab me just to rise to the top. I’m not sure if it was jealousy of my hard work ethics or morals, but they showed their true colors.

I’ve included a link to Tyler English’s company Website, which I highly recommend checking out.

Recently I’ve been following another very successful entrepreneur named Dan Lok. Known as “The King of high ticket sales, and most trusted mentor for experts”, Dan Lok is also a self made millionaire. Dan has been featured in many magazines such as JetSet and iconic Concierge. He’s also been an opening speaker for TEDx, and has shared the stage with other industry leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki, and Seth Godin.

A recent video on YouTube really struck home when I watched it. Dan Lok talks about focus, something that I lacked horribly in the past. Dan talks about how to stay laser focused and the three stages to get there. I’ve included it here because I think it’s a very beneficial video.

My Lack Of Success Due To No Focus

I’m guilty as charged. In the past when I was trying to start many of my online businesses I failed horribly. I was all over the place and couldn’t stick with one thing for very long. Every week I’d read about some new or successful type of business, and decide that I’d do that instead. I had no idea of what I actually liked or what I was good at. It was a lack of maturity and experience from not trying different things before this. As Dan Lok says in the video, I was constantly saying yes. This wouldn’t have been a bad thing except that, I wasn’t learning from my mistakes, and moving past the first stage.

After trying many business and failing over a dozen times, I finally learned about what I don’t like, as Dan Lok explains in the video. I’ve tried selling on eBay and Amazon with little success. Spent hours learning to build websites, just to learn how cut throat the industry is. I’ve even tried to start my own online store, just to learn the hard way that you can’t compete with Amazon directly.

What These Mentors And Hardships Have Taugh Me About Success

Success has meant many things to me at different stages of my life. It’s not easy to get success if you don’t know who you are or where you’re going. It’s the same as having a boat out in the middle of the ocean with no navigation, and no land in sight. There’s going to be many times when you get knocked down, just like these two mentors have. But what’s more important is what you learn from these hardships and mistakes. And most importantly, never give up.

On a very personal note, I think it’s important to never lose sight of who you are, and not let people persuade you to lose focus of what’s important to you. Be yourself and stand your ground for what you believe in. And don’t let negative people into your life, only to bring you down. So tell me what’s your personal definition of success?

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