Old fashion red wagon at Hart’s Local Grocers in downtown Rochester, New York.
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Welcome To Harts Local Grocers

Journey To Harts Local Grocers

This past weekend I was able to do something that I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. I went on a little journey that involved a mixed modal commute, with the final stop being Harts Local Grocers. It all started when I walked to the nearest bus stop, and took the RTS bus to the Transit Center. After arriving at the Transit Center, located in Downtown Rochester, New York, I rented a Pace Rental Bicycle. There are a few Pace Bicycle Rental Stations very close to the Transit Center, so this was very easy and convenient. Usually I ride my Brompton Folding Bicycle, but this time Pace Bicycle Rental was the perfect mode of transportation.

Harts Local Grocers Is Bicycle Friendly

Locking the Pace Bicycle up at Harts Local Grocers was a piece of cake. And yes, Harts does have cake too, from Cheesy Eddies. You can enjoy the specialty foods that Harts Local Grocers sells, such as the Cheesy Eddies Cheese Cake, without worrying. That’s because Harts is very bicycle friendly. During the summer, they provide a bicycle rack to patrons outside the front of the store. You can sit at the tables conveniently located close to the windows in the sitting area, and watch your bicycle. Even the owner of the store rides his bicycle to Harts everyday, and locks his bicycle up front. And during the winter months, you can still lock your bicycle to the rack close to the entrance in the parking lot.

Looking out the window at Harts Local Grocers.
Looking out the window at Harts Local Grocers.

Harts Local Grocers Chose Rochester, New York

This amazing specialty Grocery store was started in 2014 by a very tough and business savvy couple. According to many reputable sources, this smart couple was looking for a city capable of supporting their unique grocery store concept. And Rochester, New York just happened to be the perfect choice. They renovated an old historic building, located on 10 Winthrop street, that use to be an auto repair shop. The result was an awesome looking store that shows off the incredible brick walls, and industrial looking ceilings. It gives off an inviting vibe that makes you want to hang out with your friends and family, something that I do almost every day. No matter how crowded or noisy it gets, it’s always comfortable and easy to hold a conversation. That’s because there’s plenty of room between the tables. Plus the very high ceilings eliminate any kind of echos.

Harts Features Products From Local Vendors

When your done eating the delicious food from the grill, you can shop around for hard to find grocery items, that come from local vendors. Not only does this help the local economy, but also provides the largest selection of specialty grocery items. My sister who’s gluten intolerant, could never find a good selection at the bigger grocery stores. One day I brought her to Harts, and she was like a kid in the candy store, something that they also stock. And the only place I’ll buy my chocolate because they stock the natural, unprocessed stuff. She was not only able to find everything she was looking for, but also all kinds of incredible tasting snacks.

Breakfast isle at Harts Local Grocers.
Breakfast isle at Harts Local Grocers.

Harts Local Grocers Has Amazing Customer Service

Of course Harts Local Grocers wouldn’t be able to survive off great tasting foods and specialty groceries alone. Ever since I first walked into Harts, I’ve been given exceptional customer service. I’ll never forget the day my co-worker came back from lunch bragging about how phenomenal Harts Local Grocers was. He was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling. As they say, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

After hearing this raving review, my curiosity got the best of me, and had to find out for myself. And he was right. I was walking down the Isle trying to find something, and an employee immediately came to my rescue. He must have sensed that I needed help, and didn’t walk away until I found what I was looking for. I’ll never forget the high degree of happiness that I felt, because I wasn’t use to such great treatment. I was immediately sold on the place, and have been returning ever since.

Housewares section at Harts Local Grocers.
Housewares section at Harts Local Grocers.

The Journey Back From Harts Local Grocers

As I was unlocking the Pace Rental Bicycle, I couldn’t help but think about all the good times Harts Local Grocers provided to me. It brought back memories of when I use to walk there on the deserted path, and eat lunch all alone. And how I use to shop for specialty items, to bring back to work for my co-workers. No wonder they love Harts so much, and still buy lunch there on a daily basis. Then, there’s all the incredible people that use to work there, and I sometimes miss. Plus let’s not forget the time I won that Citizen Folding Bicycle, which changed my whole view of what commuting was all about.

Pace Rental Bicycle locked to rack in front of Harts Local Grocers.
Pace Rental Bicycle locked to rack in front of Harts Local Grocers.

Those were the humble beginnings of what would become the basis for good times to follow. These days I never walk or eat alone at Harts. I’m always surrounded by a group of Family and friends. These are the moments that are now the most important. And as long as Harts Local Grocers is around, I’m sure there will be many more to follow.


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