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Two Folding Bicycles At The Frog Pond

Beginning My Commute To The Frog Pond

On this particular day my folding bicycle commute was going to be a little different. While heading out the door towards Greece, I had plans of meeting my dad at the coffee shop. The Brompton Folding Bicycle, for being a two-speed, rode exceptionally well. With only having sixteen inch wheels you’d think the ride would be very bumpy and slow. But the little suspension block above the back wheel makes it feel almost as smooth as a full-sized bicycle. And the high-grade wheels pick up speed very quickly.


The Brompton Folding Bicycle is just as good as a regular bicycle in every single way with one added benefit. It folds! No matter where I go, it’s always allowed to be brought inside. Even the tiniest places you can imagine. And today this tiny folded size was going to be put to the greatest test.


Long stretch on Veterans Memorials Bridge.
Long stretch on Veterans Memorials Bridge.


Within minutes I was across the Memorial Bridge and at the coffee shop. My dad was already there waiting with his Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bicycle. With twenty inch wheels and eight gears, this folding bicycle is completely different from my Brompton. And even though it’s bigger when folded, it still folds impressively compact for its wheel size. Overall it’s not just a great looking bike, it rides extremely well with fantastic quality.


The Coffee Shop Before The Frog Pond

At the coffee shop we both folded our bicycles and brought them inside without any hassles.This was not the first time we’ve brought our bicycles inside this particular coffee shop. The staff, along with the customers always seem amazed by how these bicycles fold, and can’t seem to stop staring or asking questions. And let’s not forget the smiles they always put on everyone’s faces. Everywhere we go, everybody acts as if they’ve never seen or heard of a folding bicycle before. That’s understandable because up to a few a years ago, I never knew that folding bicycles existed either.


Even though the coffee and atmosphere was great, we decided that we wanted something good for lunch with more variety. After much debating, we chose the Frog Pond on Park Avenue. The only problem was that we didn’t want to ride down lake avenue. In this case, it wasn’t a problem. We just waited for the bus and hopped on board with no questions asked.


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On The Bus To The Frog Pond

The great thing about folding bicycles is that they are always allowed on buses at all times. Not once have I been refused a ride no matter how crowded the bus gets. No more worrying about the racks on the front of the bus being full. Instead of fighting hills and traffic, we got to sit down, have a conversation, all while not breaking a sweat. As soon as we got off the bus, we unfolded our bikes and had a quick fun ride to the Frog Pond.


Outside of Frog Pond restaurant on Park Avenue.
Outside of Frog Pond restaurant on Park Avenue.


Upon arriving at the Frog Pond we noticed how super busy it was. All the tables outside were full with only a few left inside. The Frog Pond has great food and awesome service, but has very little space. At times it can be extremely crowded with very little room between each table. It can seem like you’re almost sitting on a nearby strangers lap. Still, it has a great atmosphere, with an incredible menu where you can have your food customized to your liking.


Two Folding Bikes In The Frog Pond

I walked in first and was seated by our waiter. My dad followed a few minutes later, and put both our folding bicycles alongside the table. The space was cramped but the two guys sitting next to us was okay with it. During a conversation with these two gentleman, one mentioned that he liked the color of my Brompton. It reminded him of his company’s logo, which was the same color.


Brompton and dads Dahon folding bikes inside the Frog Pond restuarant on Park Avenue.
Brompton and dads Dahon folding bikes inside the Frog Pond restuarant on Park Avenue.


Just like every other time, the service at the Frog Pond was excellent. Our waiter was quick to bring our drinks and put our order in. And the food came out fast with no mistakes. Also our waiter came by very often to make sure everything was good and if we needed anything.


Chicken and eggs at Frog Pond restaurant on Park Avenue.
Chicken and eggs at Frog Pond restaurant on Park Avenue.


Overall, the time we spend at the Frog Pond was very enjoyable. The food was superb. Service was great. And the atmosphere was very relaxed and inviting , considering how noisy it was.


On Our Way Home From The Frog Pond

When we were finished, we unfolded our bicycles and decided to ride all the way home instead of catching the bus. What would have been an hour wait turned into a twenty-minute ride.


As you can see, folding bicycles are amazing for city commuting. You can bring them onto public transportation. Bring them into places such as the Frog Pond. And store them easily at home, just like I did on this particular day.


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