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Triumph Motorcycles Is Bringing An Electric Trident

Triumph Motorcycles, an esteemed line of British motorcycles has recently filed a number of trademarks for an upcoming Trident line of motorcycles.


These could also be Triumph’s first ever electric motorcycles.


If so, Triumph will bring back the motorcycle, that nearly beat Honda to produce the first ever production super bike.




Due to repeated design delays, the release date kept getting pushed back.


This caused the Trident to ultimately disappear to history.


That’s until now.


A Brief History Of Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph, produced their first motorcycle in 1902 in Coventry England, making it one of the world’s most legendary and well-respected brands of motorcycles of the early 20th century.


By 1907, this iconic brand established itself as a leading contender in the world of competitive motorcycle riding racing.

And over the course of the next three decades, introduced several new machines while continuously making upgrades and improvements to existing models.


Triumph Motorcycles Played a Huge Part During World War 1 And 2

Triumph even supplied motorcycles to the Allied forces serving in World War 1 between 1915 and 1918.


Then during World War 2, Triumph produced about 40,000 motorcycles at the Meridian facility until 1946.


In 1948 Triumph Motorcycles Were Highly Desired

By 1948, Triumph was producing 12,000 motorcycles per year, with more than half being exported.


Triumph continued to gain popularity with not only ordinary citizens, but also World War 2 veterans who became familiar with Triumph during the war.


Becoming popular in the United States by 1950, a U.S based Triumph Corporation was created to distribute Triumph Motorcycles on the east coast.


Triumph Motorcycles Dominated Until 1983

In 1960 Triumph experienced a surge in popularity, due to the growing fascination with motorcycles in popular culture. Many people considered Triumph, like Harley-Davidson, cool types of motorcycles.


Triumph dominated motorcycle racing with many new performance records until 1983, when the Meridian factory closed it’s door.


Triumph Motorcycles Was Saved From Extinction

Fortunately, a wealthy developer purchased Triumph in 1983 and brought the company back from extinction.


In 1995, Triumph began selling bikes in the U.S. again, with production at roughly 12,000 per year.


And has grown ever since.


As you can see…..


The Triumph brand has faced a lot of hardships over the last 100-plus years, but is making a huge comeback.


Will Triumph Motorcycles Enter the Electric Motorcycle Market?

Triumph has considered adding an electric motorcycle to it’s brand by testing customers interest.


They’ve even sent out email surveys asking questions such as “have you ever ridden an electric motorcycle?”


If Triumph decides to develop an electric motorcycle, they will be up against stiff competition.


Such as….



Harley-Davidson has been working on its own flagship electric motorcycle, LiveWire for years.


Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle went on sale earlier this year.


They’ve also produced an electric motorcycle, and an electric children’s bike.


Zero Motorcycles Is Also Building Electric Motorcycles

But it isn’t just traditional motorcycle manufacturers that are building electric motorcycles.


California-based Zero Motorcycles has built electric motorcycles for over a decade. And recently debuted its newest and fastest electric motorcycle, the Zero SR/F.


Lightning Motorcycle

Californian company Lightning Motorcycle is launching it’s own new electric sport bike, called the Lightning Strike.


This highly anticipated motorcycle will start at $12,998.


And have a top speed of 150 mph (241 km/h) and 150 mile (241 km) range.



Triumph is an iconic motorcycle brand with a rich and colorful history.


Over the last 100-plus years, they’ve developed some of the most innovative and attractive motorcycles in history.


They dominated motorcycle racing by setting many new records.


And has overcome many obstacles over the years, such as nearly closing down for good.


But, with other brands well established in the electric motorcycle market, Triumph is competing in a tough market?


Then again, this iconic motorcycle brand might just surprise us all.



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