Top 5 Ice road hazards for cyclists! Today, I’m featuring this post, with video at the end by BikeBlogger, about the top 5 ice road hazards for cyclists.

As a avid urban cyclist, BikeBlogger has ridden in all weather conditions, especially the winter.

Here are the top 5 ice road hazards for cyclists to watch out for by BikeBlogger

1. Bridges

The first ice road hazard is bridges. Bridges are bad when it’s cold outside, because they are elevated surfaces. Elevated surfaces usually have a lot of wind. So the surface temperature, which is the above the ground, is often colder than everything’s else. Such as the grass.

As a result, the roads on the bridge, will form more ice.

NOTE: When riding over a bridge, try to ride in a straight line and don’t apply the brakes too hard or fast.

2. Hills and valleys

Number two on the list of ice road hazards for cyclists to watch out for, are hills and valleys. These are areas where water can collect. Similar to a big puddle of water.

So, as you’re going down a hill just be cautious, because there could be ice there.

NOTE: Be careful on the downhill. Don’t fly down hills when it’s cold and icy out. And use your brakes gently.

3. Shaded areas

Shaded areas are places where ice doesn’t melt as fast. Places, such as under trees or where the sun is blocked, are places you want to be aware of.

4. Tunnels

Tunnels are another place you want to be very careful of. They are a low-line, shaded area where water can gather. And it takes longer to melt once it’s frozen.

5. Road gutter/edge of the road

Riding in the road gutter/edge of the road, is another place where water usually collects.

NOTE: If possible try not to ride your bike on the edge of the road. It’s also a place that’s easier to get a flat, because broken glass and other debris usually resides there.

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