The Wanderes is a great classic movie that men will love.
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Three Things Guys Will Love

Inside compartments of my mighty wallet by DYNOMIGHTY DESIGN.

Today, I’m Crying out to bring men’s wallets back-HEAR ME OUT. Men’s wallets can seem overly bulky, expensive, and outdated but were carried by great men who came before us. Our great grandfathers, fathers, and other men we look up to, can assure us that a man’s wallet is still the most important accessory a man can still have. These days there’s some thin, light options that show an immense sense of style while still holding up to rough everyday abuse. A few of my favorites are made by Dynomighty Wallet.

Low wide deck on Xootr MG Scooter.
Low wide deck on Xootr MG Scooter.

Just an Urban transportation update. Lately I’ve been loving the Xootr MG Scooter due to it’s practical portability. It’s coolness, and how much fun it is to ride. I’ve been having the most fun ever.

Have you seen The Wanderers, a film from 1979? Directed by Philip Kaufman, this is a great film for any guy to watch. Set in the Bronx in 1963, the film follows a gang of Italian-American teenagers known as the Wanderers. Despite being low budget, and not being very well known, it captures a deep sense of friendship, betrayal, and unity. (It reminds me of the days when me and my best friends would all go out and hang around. Even though we weren’t in a gang, I’m sure we were considered mischief to a few people.) Compared to other gang films during this time, it displays their ongoing power struggles with rival gangs such as the Del bombers and Baldies.

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