A slice of margherita pizza.

Three Incredible Pizza Shops

I’ve tried just about every parlor in the city. Most parlors have been very disappointing with only a few winning me over. Just like your typical guy, I’m very picky when it comes to eating pizza. It needs to be fresh and taste amazing.


Right now, many of you guys are nodding your head in agreeance. Pizza is a big thing to us guys. Not only do we enjoy it for diner, it’s a huge deal when we get together with the guy’s, especially while watching the Super Bowl.


Not any old parlor will do, so below I’ve included my absolute favorites. ENJOY.


Large pizza with mushrooms and black olives from Amico Pizza.
Large pizza with mushrooms and black olives from Amico Pizza.

Amico Pizza

For many years, I’ve driven past this amazing parlor, and had no idea how great it really was. That was until one day, I decided to give it a try. And I’m sure glad that I did. Wood fired pizza has become a huge thing these days, and I can completely understand why.


If you find a parlor that can actually make it right, it’s the only type you’ll crave after trying it.


Amico not only makes wood fired pizza, they make it better than anyone else. That’s because David, who runs the shop, worked alongside his father when he was 8 years old. His father Sam, was an icon in the business.


Sam prided himself with combining the finest of ingredients with personal customer service.


David has definitely adopted all the same philosophies as his father.


Amico Pizza was founded in 1962, making it one of the oldest parlors in the Rochester, New York area.


A whole margherita pizza.
A whole margherita pizza.

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Napa Wood Fired Pizza

Napa is another great parlor where you can get some excellent Italian food. This parlor has an old Italian vibe to it, and you can feel it as soon as you see the exterior. Upon entering the dining area, you’ll swear that you are sitting in an old parlor, located somewhere in Italy.


The whole time I was sitting there, I had to admire the interior architecture.


All the ceilings were very high, and had these amazing wooden beams. Even the decorations on the walls had the same old world Italian theme to them.


This parlor serves more than pizza, but seeing that they won numerous awards, why would you want to try anything else.


Plus its very easy to find seeing that it’s located right on the corner of South Avenue and Alexander Street.


Margarita pizza at aunt rosies Italian cafe.
Margarita pizza at aunt Rosie’s Italian cafe.

Aunt Rosie’s Cafe

Aunt Rosie’s Cafe is an incredible shop located right in downtown Rochester, New York. Everything about this cafe’s food screams homemade. The again it’s owned and operated by an Italian family that takes great pride in their food.


Both of my favorites are the pasta with meatballs, and the Margherita pizza topped with mushrooms and black olives.


I’d also recommend their salads and coffee to supplement the amazing meals you’re about to experience.


As they say in Italy, MANGIA!


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