The Suffern, New York train station.

The Suffern, New York Train Station Is A Great Example Of The Broken Train System Across The United States

The Suffern, New York Train Station Is Broken And So Are All The Other Stations Across The United States

Recently, I discussed how broken the Amtrak train station is in Rochester, New York.


As far as im concerned, it’s not just broken, the train system is a complete disaster.


Train not too far from Penn train station in New York City.
Train not too far from Penn train station in New York City.


All across the United States, no matter where you go, the train system has been so badly neglected, even the horse and buggy is more efficient.


Who Is At Fault For The Broken Train System In The United States?

Are you at fault for the broken train system in the United States?


Am I at fault for the broken train system?


How about people in other countries? Are they to blame?

I’ll Tell You Who Is At Fault For The Broken Train System In The United States

We’re all at fault for the broken train system that exists in the United States, and here’s why.


We allow our politicians and business leaders to make decisions without thinking about how it affects us.


And most of us don’t question the way things are, because we don’t think we have the power to make a difference.


So, you’re not only at fault for such a disastrous train system in the United States, so am I.


Here’s A Perfect Example Of A Horrible Train System

Not too long ago I went to Suffern, New York, and stayed a week.


Before I arrived in Suffern, New York, I had no idea about what to expect. I knew it was a small village with about 10,000 for a population, and it was very quiet. But other than that, I knew nothing about this small village, and never even heard of it.


Whenever I go to the New York City area, I like to fly for the following reasons.


If I was to take the greyhound bus, I would have to spend over 7 house, stuffed into what is the equivalent of an oversized steel Twinkie can.


I’d have to sit close, almost hugging, a perfect stranger. That means that if this passenger smells, I have to deal with it.


A family travels with a bunch of disruptive, screaming kids, you guessed it, I’d have to accept it.


They fall asleep and snore, I have no choice but to listen to it, until they decide to wake up.


Now, I could take the Amtrak but they are also absolutely horrible with providing customer service, and being on time.


Not too long ago, I talked about the issues associated with taking the train, and gave a perfect example of how they just don’t care about their passengers.


Making passengers wait for freight trains to pass for over three hours, or leaving them abandoned in strange cities over night with no way home, is completely heartless.


It could take me anywhere from 7 hours minimum or more, just to travel a short distance of only 360 miles.


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The Ridiculously Long Journey From JFK Airport To Suffern, New York Train Station

After stepping of the plane at JFK airport, taking the air train to Jamaica Station, and riding the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station, I still had a long way to go.


Steps Leading to Jamaica station in New York City.
Steps Leading to Jamaica station in New York City.


It took an unbelievable 2 1/2 hours to travel only a distance of 30 miles to the Suffern, New York Train Station.


This means that if I was to take the Amtrak from Rochester, New York to Penn Station in New York City, I could easily spend 10 hours or more just riding on trains.


I Find That No Matter where I Go, No Matter How Big Or small The City Is, The Train System Stinks

Yes, you heard me right, and I’m about to say some things that might make the powers to be blood boil, like hot molting lava.


But I’m going to be completely honest with you.


I don’t really care about, who gets mad with what I’m about to say, because I’m not interested in being politically correct. And it’s about time someone spoke up, about the crappy train system situation, that we all have to deal with.


New York City has millions of people living within the area, with millions of tourist visiting on a daily basis.


With so many people living within such a highly populated area, traffic can be literally insane. The result is, very slow and stressful driving conditions, and buses that take forever.


The only thing us poor tourist, and New York City residents are left with is, the trains and subways.


These are the only two, somewhat affordable options that we are left with.


Don’t get too excited over these two options just yet, because they do come with their costs. Those costs would be, the prices going up each year, and the excruciating slow travel times.


You’d also think that a city like New York City, would have a better station than Penn Station. Instead, you get smacked with a dirty, dingy Station that’s as hot as the sun, and extremely confusing.


Train at Secaucus train station in New Jersey.
Train at Secaucus Junction train station in New Jersey.


Do you see a pattern here? Everywhere your go, no matter how big or small the city is, the train system literally STINKS, with a capital S plus more.


I Find The Time It Takes To Travel On Our Dinosaur Train System To Be Unacceptable Compared To Japan and Europe

I find it very odd that places like Japan and Europe can develop trains that go over 300 miles per hour, but we can barely get ours to go over 65 miles per hour.


A few years ago, I had the pleasure of talking to the guy who sells the trains to Amtrak. What he told me was completely shocking.


Between Rochester, New York and New York City, there’s only 65 miles of good track. That means the other 300 miles of track is complete garbage.


Plus, even if we did have great tracks, our outdated trains could only reach a top speed of 140 miles per hour.


Japan and Europe has state of the art trains, that levitate above the tracks and ride as smooth as glass. They are more comfortable, cleaner for the environment, and much safer.


Our trains on the other hand, ride on tracks that are more jagged than saw blades. Blow all kinds of black, nasty smoke out of their exhaust. And have a tendency to break down, or derail.


At the speed of a snail, our trains can barely get out of their own way.


Passengers are stuck, waiting at run down train stations, in sometimes unsafe areas for hours.


I’ve known of a grandmother, that had to wait for over 7 hours, with her granddaughter, to almost midnight, for the next train.


There’s even been customers, who got stuck in unknown cities over night, because they missed their connecting train.


With rising plane tickets and gasoline prices, it’s getting harder and more difficult for all of us to travel.


You’d think our politicians and other leaders would get off their butts and get a clue.


But instead, all we hear are excuses that don’t make any sense.


The Suffern, New York Train Station Was shockingly Awful And Completely Lacking Customer Service

I was completely relieved to have finally arrived at the train station in Suffern, New York.


It was a long tiring day, requiring me to take the Bus to the Rochester, New York airport very early.


From there, I had to jump on a JetBlue plane for an hour, and ride for 2-1/2 hours on rickety trains to a run down, train station in Suffern, New York.


The Suffern, New York train station.
The Suffern, New York train station.


As I stepped off the train, I hardly noticed the run down train station, that looked like a little shack in the middle of nowhere.


Abandoned bicycles at the Suffern, New York train station.
Abandoned bicycles at the Suffern, New York train station.


I was way too busy trying to find my way to the exit, that clearly had no marked signs. My ride was going to pick me up on the side street, and I was unsure if I was heading in the right direction.


Steps leaving the Suffern, New York train station.
Steps leaving the Suffern, New York train station.


What seemed kinda sketchy, was an old beat up set of cement steps, that took me down to an old pot hole filled street.


Fortunately, I ended up in the right place, and I caught my ride with no problems.


My Journey To The Train Station During The Week Was Filled With Tons Of Exploring, And Learning

Anybody who has ever traveled with me, knows that I like to plan my trips carefully to make them Stress Free.


I like to write all addresses, and phone numbers for back up, for when something goes wrong, such as my phone going dead.


I do like to carry my Onn Portable Power Bank with me, and it’s something that has saved the day more than a few times.


It’s just that from personal experience, you might not be carrying this amazing advice, if walking a short distance.


And I can assure you, that you can never be over prepared for the worst.


A few days before leaving, I like to start packing.


And when I arrive at my destination, I find the nearest stores for supplies, and find my way around the area.


The Suffern, New York train station was only 1 mile away.


It was very easy to walk this short distance, and find the station after walking this route a few times.


This would have been a great time to have my amazing Xootr MG Scooter with me, but I just had to make due with what I had.


What I had was my two feet, and trusty pair of sneakers.


Xootr, The Ultimate Folding Kick Scooter - Ad

Suffern, New York, Just Like Everywhere Else, Put’s Little Effort Into Their Train Station

The 25 minute walk wasn’t too bad, but the journey getting there was crappy.


There’s hardly no sidewalks in Suffern, New York. In order to get to the downtown area of the village, which is close to the Suffern train station, you have to walk down an old beat up sidewalk.


As I was walking, I couldn’t help but think to myself, how goofy it was to be required to drive everywhere you go.


A bridge in Suffern, New York.
A bridge in Suffern, New York.


And talking about driving, there’s an old dark bridge along the way, with a dangerous ramp to the expressway.


Walking under the bridge in Suffern, New York.
Walking under the bridge in Suffern, New York.


Luckily, while I was walking, I was paying attention, because drivers enter and exit this ramp without paying attention. And while turning, they have a tendency to speed.


Dark bridge in Suffern, New York.
Dark bridge in Suffern, New York.


After walking through a little rain, and avoiding the dangerous expressway ramp, I finally made it to the main part of the village.


The village is filled with a lot of small stores, with the only chain restaurant that I could see being Dunkin Donuts.


It’s a clean, quiet village with one major problem.


Without a GPS or map there’s no way you’d ever find their super secretive train station. In fact, you have an easier time finding a top-secret military base.


Fortunately, I planned ahead and found it on my phones GPS.


Steps leading to Suffern, New York Train Station.
Steps leading to Suffern, New York Train Station.


As I approached the Suffern train station, there were no signs anywhere. All I saw was an old rusty bridge, and a pair of weather worn cement steps.


These old steps lead to the Suffern train station platform, that also has some major issues.


Finding Out Which Side To Catch Your Train At The Suffern Train Station Is Literally Impossible, Due To A Lack Of Customer Service

I’m sure that if you live in the area and ride the train daily, you’d have no problems. But if you’re new to the area, it can be very confusing as to which side you have to wait to catch the train to Penn Station, in New York City.


Suffern, New York train station platform.
Suffern, New York train station platform.


I was about to ask customer service in the shed sized station, and ran into another pleasant, surprise.


The lobby, if that’s what you want to call it, and the customer service area, is only open from the hours of 6am to 1pm.


This means that if you want to find anything out, you have to ask others who are waiting for the train. Or try to read the impossible to understand train schedule that’s tacked to the board outside.


While asking around for information, I did happen to have a great conversation with a few interesting passengers. One was an attorney from Manhattan, New York who was visiting his sister for the weekend. The other was a well-traveled woman who lives in South America.


The conversations were great, but there was yet another strange problem.


Bench at the Suffern, New York train station.
Bench at the Suffern, New York train station.


For some odd reason, the Suffern train station only has one little bench for it’s passengers to sit on.


During the time we were talking, I had to awkwardly stand above them.


Wait Now! There’s even more surprises ahead. Suffern, New York figured, why stop there? If we’re going to give our village residents and tourist a junky train station, let’s do it right.


Suffern, New York Train Tickets Expire In What Only Seems Like A Few Hours

When I was in River Edge, New Jersey, when you bought a train ticket, it didn’t expire until you used it.


That’s not the case in Suffern, New York.


I went to visit the Suffern, New York train station a day ahead, figuring I’d buy my ticket, and not have to fool with it the day I had to leave.


Ticket machines at the Suffern, New York train station.
Ticket machines at the Suffern, New York train station.


Unlike, when I bought tickets in River Edge, New Jersey, my ticket would expire early in the morning at 6am.


I found this to be completely unacceptable. It was only 5pm on a Monday afternoon.


As You Can See, There’s A lot That’s Broken About Our Current Train System In The United States

Many of our Politicians, and so-called leaders have no idea what issues, our modern-day cities are dealing with.


Our cities are growing rapidly due to an expanding population. One glance at the urban development that’s going on around us, will be one huge clue.


Where there were once empty lots, now stands new apartment buildings.


Old historic buildings that were once factories, have now become luxury lofts.


With all this expansion comes more traffic, and increased problems such as traffic jams. More traffic means lots of noise and pollution.


Driving becomes a burden, and even though buses can help, they aren’t immune to travel conditions.


Plus what do we do when we have to do intercity travel? Greyhound buses are horrible. The only options we’re left with is flying, driving or taking the train.


The problem with flying is that, tickets can be expensive if you don’t buy them way ahead of time, and many people despise airport security.


Driving also brings it’s own set of problems. Rising gas prices can make traveling very expensive. Plus, if you have an older car, you have to wonder if it’s capable of getting you there and back.


Plus, who wants to drive for hundreds of miles, possibly requiring you to stop and stay at hotels overnight?


Wouldn’t it be much easier if we had an affordable, fast way to travel hundreds of miles, without security digging through your personal belongings?


Together We Can All Fix The Horrible Train System That Exists In The United States

There’s multiple ways you can help make a change, and that’s by ensuring that your voices are heard, loud and clear.


I took a lot of time and effort to explore, research, and write this post because I truly care.


Now it’s time to get the attention that we all deserve, and it’s a lot easier than you think.


You can first start by liking this post, and secondly writing comments in the section below. Share your experiences and frustrations that you’ve had to endure while traveling on the train.


Then, make sure that you share it with everybody you know on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. And while you’re at it, tell them to share it also.


By sharing this post, there’s a higher chance that it will get in the hands of the people who can actually make a huge difference for us.


Imaging for a second, that this post was to be featured in a major website such as Time Magazine, or Forbes. It draws a ton of attention, and millions of people read it and support it.


Eventually, it starts drawing too much attention for the Politicians and so-called leaders to ignore. They will either have to start responding or they will get lots of scrutiny. And when they are about to give the excuse, that there’s not enough demand for a better train system, your comments will be the proof that there is.


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