The grandmother clock that my mom owns is a great representation of Time Is Money.
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The Phrase “Time is money” Is Complete B.S!

The Phrase “Time is money”!

Time is money. This is a phrase that I’ve heard more times than I prefer. Everybody in the business world throws this phrase around more than a football, on Super Bowl Sunday.

Executives and managers use this phrase without having a clue of what it truly means. It’s time that us smart people squash this phrase, like the cockroach that it is.

The Phrase “Time is money” Is About Control

The phrase “Time is money” is used to control uninformed and unfortunate employees. I’ll give you a perfect example of this. The first time I ever heard this phrase was at a former job a few years back. It was spoken to me from a kind-hearted but brainwashed Manager. This poor overworked and stressed out guy was rushing around to get everything done, with very little success. He was a hard worker, but had one huge problem. And all the hard work in the world wasn’t going to save him. He didn’t have a clue about how to use his time efficiently.

When I offered a few suggestions about how to do the job better, he didn’t want to hear it. His biggest problem was that he was fed a bunch of B.S from upper management. No matter how much he failed at getting everything done, he wouldn’t try a different strategy. All that mattered was the policies and rules that the company had in place. And obviously the structure was horribly broken.

My Motivation For Writing About “Time is money”

I did a little research and I found out where the phrase “Time is money” came from, and I was incredibly surprised.

Time is money, a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman

When I discovered the origins of the phrase “Time is money”, I was speechless. I’m not sure exactly what life was like back then, but I’m sure the working class was exploited in the same way as today’s modern employee.

What motivated me to write such an article was an email from a very successful businessman that I truly respect. And a very smart and straightforward millionaire, that said all the things that I also believe in.

Clock at the sibley building in Rochester, New York is a great representation of Time Is Money.
Clock at the Sibley building in Rochester, New York.

These two gentlemen have it all figured out. Unlike, the poor and abused working class, they figured out how to use their time efficiently.

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A Typical Day In The “Time is money” Crowd

Think about how you, the typical employee makes a living. You get up in the morning and scramble out the door as fast as a professional athlete. Then you get to creep along in bumper to bumper traffic. For those of you who don’t drive, there’s always public transportation. You get to wait outside in the cold or rain for your bus or train to arrive. Once you get on board, you have to hope that you can find a seat. And regardless, if you find a seat or not, you get to be smashed up against irritated, rude and ready to explode jerks who have no manners. And if that isn’t bad enough, you have to deal with the smells from those that have no idea what proper personal hygiene is.

But wait, there’s a lot more! You haven’t even arrived at work yet. The problem is that you’re running late. Here comes your boss who’s about to disrespect you, and talk to you like a child. Instead of being grateful that you showed up to work to make him money, and get him a promotion, he’s screaming at you. Here comes that phrase again, but it’s the greatest  example of “Time is money”.

Don’t get too excited yet. Your day is just getting started. You still have to deal with your ignorant and selfish coworkers. We definitely can’t leave them out of all the fun. In fact, what would you do without such incredible people like this in your life.

You have to deal with the backstabbers, gossipers, liars and the bosses pets that seem to get away with everything. You however, get yelled at for much less.

How About The Phrase “Money is time” Instead?

As you probably noticed, you just put up with a lot of garbage in one day. You spent a lot of time commuting to work, and dealing with crappy office politics. Like everyone else who’s part of the working class, you probably work a ton of hours too.

Think about all the hours you wasted working for someone who doesn’t appreciate you. I’m going to give you a perfect example of how flawed the phrase “Time is money” really is. Let’s say you work 50 hours a week making $12 per hour. At the end of the week you make $600 before taxes. Some people might say that this is good money in today’s crappy economy. But look at all the time you lost away from family and friends. All the time you missed going out and enjoying the simple things in life, such as events or vacations.

Now compare this to a person who makes $100 per hour, and works 15 hours per week. Before taxes he brings home $1,500 per week.

What’s the difference between these two scenarios? You were working way more hours but earning way less. It wasn’t about time, but instead, about who was making more for the time that they worked. You could always go work a second job like most people these days, but then you’ll be spending more time away from the things that are important to you.

Let’s Finally Goodbye To The Phrase “Time is money”.

When the phrase “Time is money” was first used it meant that every single minute that you’re not working, you’re not earning money. Here’s the problem with this. There’s only so many hours in the day. And so many days in the week. What are you going to do when you’re working so much, you just can’t squeeze anymore work in? Are you just going to work around the clock with no sleep?

The clock that my grandmother use to own is a great representation of Time Is Money.
The clock that my grandmother use to own.

As you probably realized by now, you can’t buy time. Once you lose time you can never get it back. And it’s not about how many hours you work, but instead how much you earn per hour. By making more per hour you can work less, and spend more time doing the things that matter to you. And if you do decide to pursue other money-making opportunities, you’ll have a better chance of increasing your financial security, because you’ll have more time to do so.

The END Of The Phrase “Time is money”

These are the reason I hate the phrase “Time is money”. It’s the biggest lie in the capitalist world, and one that is used mostly by the service industry. Many times companies will lower the cost of its products but at a cost. That cost comes in the form of inferior products with less innovation. It also comes with more packaging and shipping, along with a whole mess of other tasks. And let’s not forget, the hassles of extra paper work and customer service issues.

Would you rather sell 100 items at $10 or 10 items at $1000? The answer is simple and obvious. The problem is that most companies go for the first option, and wonder why they’re employees including themselves, are burned out. So tell me, are you going to join me in finally burying the phrase “Time is money”?

Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • The Phrase Time Is Money is about control.
  • Used by the service companies.
  • Can never get time back.
  • Money is time.
  • Need to use time efficiently.

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