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The Perfect Commute For A Healthy And Safe Life

All About The Perfect Commute

I’m very excited to share with you a phenomenal YouTube video, that explains what’s considered to be the best commute. I can relate to such a video because I’ve been an avid urban commuter for the last six years. I’ve ridden a bicycle on protected paths. Been down dirt and gravel trails. Hugged road space with crazy drivers. And been on roads that have never seen a bicycle lane, and probably never will.

A Comparison Of Different Commuting Infrastructures

The host in this video is named Shifter. And the video is called “The Perfect Commute For A Healthy And Safe Life”. He talks about these different bicycle infrastructures and compares them according to how safe they are. I can tell that he’s an experienced bicycle commuter because I’ve dealt with both the good and bad on a daily basis. And I can tell by his enthusiasm and details provided, that he definitely knows what he’s talking about. Plus he proves that he’s an avid commuter by demonstrating in the video what a daily commute consists of.

A Demonstration Of The Perfect Commute

Shifter rides his bicycle to the train station and locks it up to what appears to be a rail. He does mention that it’s better to lock your bicycle up to a rack if they are available. I can relate to this problem because I’ve had many issues in the past with finding a place to lock my bicycle. And then when I did, it wasn’t ideal. Imagine how stressful it was when I had to lock it up to some random pole or tree.

He then hops onto the train which is considered the safest way to commute, the same as with the bus. When the train arrives at the closest place, he finishes his commute with a walk which is considered just as safe as public transportation, riding a bicycle, or driving. All this information has been researched and published by a Doctor and her staff. This tells me that Shifter has definitely put a lot of time and effort into finding all this awesome information. And create a very entertaining and useful video.

Even though there’s no train where I live, I’ve been on many, and wish we had some. Then again, I have a few amazing folding bicycles and a kick scooter. Maybe I can convince Shifter to try one seeing that he loves riding his bicycle, just like I do.

The video provided in this post was used with Permission granted by Shifter. To see Shifter’s YouTube page and original video click Here.

Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • Shifter compares different bicycle infrastructures.
  • Experienced bicycle commuter.
  • Provides excellent safety tips.
  • Loves riding his bicycle.
  • Bus and train are safest ways to commute.
  • All information was researched and published by a doctor.

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