The East Ridge Diner & Steak House Is My Favorite

Since the first day it opened the East Ridge Diner & Steak House has been my absolute favorite. I like everything about this restaurant.

Painting in dining area of East Ridge Diner & Steak House.
Painting in dining area of East Ridge Diner & Steak House.

The interior is spacious and laid out perfectly with funky paintings as decorations.

East Ridge Diner & Steak House menu.
East Ridge Diner & Steak House menu.

They have a large menu with delicious food and excellent service. And best of all, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There’s been a few times when I’ve went to this restaurant at night. No matter what time of day it is, this restaurant is always a great place to go eat with family and friends.

We Went To East Ridge Diner Today

Take today for example. I had a lot of important meetings to attend along with errands. My buddy Louie took me all over and when we were done he wanted to go to the East Ridge Diner.

Upon driving up to the restaurant we noticed that one of the owners was improving the exterior landscape. It’s nice to see that the owners truly care about how the restaurant looks. Because it makes a huge difference when it comes to gaining and keeping customers.

They even have a huge sign that’s very visible from the busy street, that lights up very brightly at night.

The Service At East Ridge Is Spectacular

Today, just like every other time, the service was spectacular. The hostess greeted us immediately at the door and directed us to a table, as we requested. Within minutes our waitress was bringing us our drinks and taking our orders.

My mom ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with wheat toast, topped with lettuce and tomatoes. With a side order of marinara sauce. And of course she ordered her usual glass of water with lemons on the side.

Grilled chicken with scrambled eggs, mixed vegetables and a side of marinara sauce.
Grilled chicken with scrambled eggs, mixed vegetables and a side of marinara sauce.

I ordered the grilled chicken with scrambles eggs. I substituted the potatoes with vegetables and got the marinara sauce to dip my grilled chicken in. And just like Louie, I ordered a cup of coffee.

Coffee at East Ridge Diner & Steak House.
Coffee at East Ridge Diner & Steak House.

Our waitress was super fast with putting our orders in, and the cook allowed me to customize my order. She also came around very frequently and made sure our coffees were always fresh and hot.

Our waitress was friendly and very patient at all times, and made sure that we were completely happy.

The Food At East Ridge Is Delicious

Every time I go to this restaurant, the food is always consistent. It’s always very fresh and extremely delicious. Not once have I had a problem with any of the food and this time was no different. My chicken was a good size and was very tender and juicy. The scramble eggs were cooked just right and I could taste the olive oil I requested them to be cooked in.

I was also very excited that I could substitute the vegetables for the potatoes, because lately I’ve been working on eating healthier.

Sourdough toast at East Ridge Diner & Steak House.
Sourdough toast at East Ridge Diner & Steak House.

The only naughty thing I did was dip a few pieces of sourdough bread in the marinara sauce after I ate everything else. Then again we have to have a little fun sometimes. Right?

Overall everything was done perfectly and the service was just as great.

Would I Recommend The East Ridge Diner?

I would absolutely, positively, huge high five that can be seen from outer space recommend the East Ridge Diner. How could I not when this is my favorite restaurant? We’ve went to eat at this restaurant for dinner. On thanksgiving. And even Christmas Eve.

This has been our go to restaurant when we want to enjoy tasty meals for lunch, dinner and even the holidays. Then again, I think that’s pretty obvious by now.

Let’s Do A Little Recap Here

  • East Ridge Diner has an inviting atmosphere.
  • The staff and waitresses are friendly.
  • There’s a huge menu.
  • All the food is delicious.
  • It’s affordable.
  • The dining area is nicely decorated.

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