Huge steel art piece made out of steel at the Hungerford building.

The Day I Posed For Art

I was sitting in the parking lot right outside the Hungerford building. My heart was beating fast and loud. So loud, that I could almost hear it. Was all this worth it for art?


The Moments Before The Art Studio

The palms of my hands were sweating just thinking about what was about to happen. Was I crazy for what  I was about to do? What would happen once I entered the building? Would I regret this? The thought of turning the key to the ignition, and driving away crossed my mind more than a few times.


Then again, it was a new experience that I could cross of my list of adventures. Besides, I’ve talked to this sculpture artist on more than a few occasions. She was truly the real deal.


As I sat patiently in the car, I was waiting to see if she would call back. I called the number she provided about three times, but got no answer.


Then suddenly, it happened when I least expected it. She informed me that she didn’t hear her phone ring, and the door to enter was locked. It would only take her a few minutes to meet me at the door.


It was at this moment, that I realized that there was no turning back. Before I realized what had just happened, I was shaking her hand and walking up a few flights of stairs.


Then Came The Art Studio

The moment I entered the art studio, I was completely amazed. I’ve seen these types of art studios on television in movies and series, but never in real life. The look and feel gave the impression that serious art took place here.


Right in front of me was a platform where models would pose for very serious artists. Behind me was a couch used to take breaks. And on my right was a divider where models could change in privacy.

It Was Time To Pose For Art

As I was checking out all the artwork hanging on the walls, she asked me if I brought the white trunks. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them, so she had to think of a different pose.


Originally I was to wear white trunks and do a light workout. She wanted to get an idea about how my muscles performed, and then make a sculpture. Without the white trunks, this obviously wasn’t going to work.


Instead, I was to keep my jeans on and just sit shirtless. She had me sitting in a seated position with my arms curling, as if lifting a weight.


I watched as she pulled out a funky bunch of wire, and a big blob of clay. At first it didn’t look like much. Then the magic transformation began.


She Studied Every Muscle

She studied every muscle fiber as she circled around me like a tiger. Her expressions were serious, and she got into a few unique poses of her own. She worked quickly and tirelessly until the clay started looking like a mini me version.


Suddenly the timer went off, and it was time for a short break. During the breaks we had interesting conversations as we got to know each other better. She told me all about her studies while becoming a sculpture artist, and the places she’s been.


This was all very educational and new to me, seeing that I didn’t know much about art, except for drawing.


After the break we got back to some serious work. Hour long poses flew by, feeling more like five minutes.


The Art Pose Was Easy

I’ve read on many online reviews that posing can cause muscle cramps and aches. This is true, but the pose that I was in was actually very comfortable, and didn’t start to bother me until five hours later. Even then, I wasn’t in any serious pain. By the next day, it was all gone.


Each time I went back to the studio, the mini me version started to resemble me identically.


She’s An Amazing Sculpture Artist

It was truly amazing how she was able to get the body proportions and features so exact. In fact, it was so good it was almost scary.


As my time with this amazing sculpture artist was coming to an end, I learned some incredible information. The whole Hungerford building is filled with incredible artists, each masters of their own craft.


Thank You To This Incredible Sculpture Artist

Over time, as I got deeper into art and visited these studios, I truly had some awesome experiences. I got to meet some very interesting and talented artists, and saw phenomenal art that I never knew existed.


To this fantastic sculpture artist I’d like to say, thank you. Without the chance to meet you, and pose in your studio, I would have never had the chance to have such great experiences. I would have never met such talented artists and incredible models that pose for them.


And of course, I wouldn’t have been inspired to push myself so hard to create art of my own.


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