close up view of that amazing pre-cooked walmart chicken.

The Crazy Life Of A Pre-Cooked Chicken

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, I’m going to tell you a wild chicken story. Don’t worry, it won’t be about a psychotic chicken that pecks and scratches people. Even though I’m sure that’s possible.


The story I’m about to tell you is a little more down to earth and tame. At least I’ll try to keep it that way. You just never can tell when it comes to talking about chickens. So, I promise to do my best not to scare you and give you late night chicken nightmares.


A few years ago we started this Saturday ritual that involved going grocery shopping. During the week I was driving and bicycle commuting a lot. By the time Saturday came strolling by, I wanted nothing to do with anything that had wheels. That’s when we decided to walk to the nearby Walmart, located only a mile away.


take a look at all those pre-cooked chickens at walmarts heating rack.
Take a look at all those pre-cooked chickens at walmarts heating rack.


The plan was to go get one of Walmarts juicy pre-cooked chickens, and then bring it straight home to eat it. What was supposed to be another ordinary Saturday trip to Walmart, ended up being a crazy, psychotic chicken day.


It was filled with an army of charging chickens. Many people got chased, pecked and even severely injured by these out of control chickens.


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The Dangerous Trip To Walmart

We were having a quiet enjoyable walk to Walmart. The conversation was flowing nicely and nothing was happening out of the ordinary. Out of nowhere I heard this strange sound. I could have sworn that I heard an angry chicken. After looking around and seeing nothing, I heard it again.


That’s when out of the corner of my eye I saw this wild, large, out of control chicken charging at us. Don’t worry, there was a fence there, and the chicken wasn’t actually charging at us. As a matter of fact, I made the story up about the wild angry chickens.


Two chickens were behind the fence minding their own business. They were eating some seeds and just staying in one spot. At first I couldn’t believe that someone in the city actually had some pet chickens.


I did find the chickens to be very unique and wouldn’t mind having a few as a pet myself. Maybe I could have then lay some eggs for me. Then again I don’t know much about chickens.


Those Delicious Pre-Cooked Chickens At Walmart

Taking the unusual sighting of live chickens as a sign, we rushed to get ours from Walmart. We arrived at a perfect time because they just finished cooking them. And were about to bring them all out. All the chickens that day were unusually larger and looked extremely delicious. Whoever was cooking them did a fantastic job.


pre-cooked walmart chicken in shopping cart.
Pre-cooked walmart chicken in shopping cart.


While we were cashing out, the cashier was eyeing my chickens with lust in her eyes. Finally she could no longer stand it and blurted out how great they smelled and looked. She admitted that they were making her extremely hungry and she was tempted to buy a few herself.


Eating Those Tasty Pre-Cooked Walmart Chickens Was Delightful

As soon as we got home we couldn’t wait to tear them delicious pre-cooked chickens up. The great thing about these amazing chickens is that they come already cooked to perfection. You can literally tear the meat off the bone with ease.


For almost the same cost as a raw chicken, you can buy one of these beauties already made. They clean, cook and package them for you. All you have to do is open them up and eat then with your favorite sides. They also sell the family size, large enough to feed four people.


For quick meals that taste great, I’d highly recommend these juicy pre-cooked Walmart Chickens.


So take that you wild, crazy chicken lovers!!


Let’s Do A Little Chicken Recap Here

Walmart pre-cooked chickens are….

  • Juicy and delicious and tear apart easily.
  • Already cleaned and cooked.
  • Very convenient.
  • Placed in an easy to carry package.
  • Very affordable.
  • Comes in different sizes including family size.

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