Guglielmos home grown marinara sauce.
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Guglielmo’s Pasta Sauce Makes History

Discovering Guglielmo’s Pasta Sauce

The day I discovered Guglielmo’s pasta sauce, everything changed. For the longest time, I was searching for a pasta sauce that tasted fresh and authentic. Ever since being fed until I almost exploded by my Aunt Rosie, I’ve been a pasta sauce vampire. I’ ll never forget the amazing aroma that filled the whole house. It was like a giant hand was grabbing me, and dragging me to the giant boiling pot of goodness.

The harder I resisted, the harder it pulled. Then, I heard the magical words spoken. Would you like something to eat? At first I was hesitant. But after smelling and seeing the thick red pasta sauce. And really given no choice in the matter, I gave in and said yes. Besides, the plate was already in front of me before I was finished with my sentence. Ever since that day, I was never the same. That’s, until one day something magical happened.

Guglielmos home grown marinara sauce.
Guglielmos home grown marinara sauce.

I discovered Guglielmo’s pasta sauce by accident. While stalking the pasta sauces in the isle at Hart’s Local Grocers, I noticed this amazing brand. The jar had a very unique and fun look to it. It had the picture of an older man on the label, that appeared as if drawn by a child. And it had the words “Grampa Pete” pointing at him. Next to him was the same kind of drawing, except that it was a young boy.

Guglielmo’s Pasta Sauce Spoke Italian To Me

Could this be a Pasta Sauce that was handed down from many different generations? As I read the back of the jar, I was already prepared for disappointment. Instead, Paul Guglielmo straightened me out with an amazing story. His grandfather Pete got the original recipe from his great grandmother. And now Paul had it, with the power to take over the pasta Sauce universe. That last sentence sounded good, didn’t it?

Back of Guglielmos marinara sauce jar.
Back of Guglielmos marinara sauce jar.

My grandfather on my mothers side was from Rome, Italy. For some reason this pasta sauce not only reminded me of my heritage. It seemed as if it was speaking to me. Everything from the packaging, to the story made me take a gamble. And give this impressive tasting pasta sauce a chance.

Then came the moment of truth. After a mouth watering session of heating Guglielmos pasta sauce, I noticed how thick it was. Instead of running like a water fall, it stuck to the pasta bettter than Gorilla glue. The sauce wasn’t too salty, and had the right amount of herbs and spices. This complimented the fresh tomatoes that they use extremely well. Plus the aroma put me into a trance, just like the time I was at Aunt Rosie’s house.

This is an excellent sauce that I’ve continue to buy ever since. It uses high quality ingredients. And the family takes the quality very seriously. That’s because it’s based upon their family heritage and reputation.

Make sure you check out this amazing authentic Italian pasta sauce at Hart’s Local Grocers or Guglielmos website.

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