• Pace Rental Bicycle locked to rack in front of Harts Local Grocers.
    Folding News

    Welcome To Harts Local Grocers

    Journey To Harts Local Grocers This past weekend I was able to do something that I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. I went on a little journey that involved a mixed modal commute, with the…

  • New Regional Transit Center bus stop sign.
    Kick Scooters

    Conquering “The Last Mile”!

    Public transportation creates “The Last Mile” problem Bring up the topic of public transportation and two things immediately come to mind. Buses and trains. This is very understandable because they are the oldest form of transportation. And they have been…

  • Veterans memorial bridge plaque.
    Folding Bicycles

    Folding Bicycles Are The Future

    Folding bicycles are made for commuting Folding Bicycles aren’t just a niche that will eventually fade away. And definitely not only meant for travel. They are the future of personal transportation. As cities continue to grow, traffic will become more…

  • The A-Bike leaning up against a brick wall.
    Folding Bicycles

    How about A-Bike?

    Light. Compact. Portable. These were all the requirements I was looking for when I decided to purchase the A-Bike. I looked at many models from different brands, with wheels ranging from sixteen inches to twenty inches. It was tough to…