• Dahon NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle.
    Folding News

    Dahon introduces the NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle

    The Dahon NuWave Ultra Slim Bicycle is innovative Dahon, the world leader in Folding Bicycles just introduced some new and innovative technology. This new technology is going to revolutionize “Green Mobility” as we know it. Unlike traditional Folding Bicycles, the…

  • Citizen Tokyo folding bicycle with 16 inch wheels.
    Folding Bicycles

    Citizen Folding Bicycle from Hart’s

    The Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle The Tokyo Citizen Folding Bicycle was the first folding bicycle I’ve ever owned. I remember seeing it for the first time at Harts Local Grocers. They were having a drawing from Honest Tea. Anybody was…

  • Xootr scooter mg front wheel.
    Kick Scooters

    Why a Kick Scooter?

    Adult kick scooters have come a long way Why would any mentally stable adult make a fool out of himself by riding a Kick Scooter? Besides, isn’t a Folding Bicycle much faster and better for climbing hills. And let’s not…

  • Bag of Mesquite Bar-B-Que Dirty Potato Chips.
    Urban Gear

    My Barbeque Potato Chips Were Dirty

    The Dirtiest Potato Chips Ever Imagine the disappointment that you’d feel, if you opened up a bag of potato chips and they were dirty. I mean literally so dirty, that the whole bag was filled with dirt, containing just two chips. You…