Everybody Wants A Steel Expandable Baton

Everybody that sees a steel expandable baton wants one. My dads neighbor noticed his and bought one. People on the street see them and buy them.


And what does this do?


It sends me home empty-handed, requiring me to buy a new one. Security guards and business owners have practically begged me for one.


Sometimes two.


The Biggest Surprise Though Is That Steel Expandable Batons Are Loved By Managers And High-Ranking Executives.

One time at work, this female manager saw my steel expandable baton, and had to have one. She loved her steel baton so much, that she couldn’t keep her hands off it.


All day she would repeatedly open and close it, just to hear the loud click. Then she would wave it all over the place while making noises, as if she was hitting stuff. Other employees in the office saw her enthusiasm and wanted one also. Before I knew it, everybody had one.


Steel expandable baton extended.
Steel expandable baton extended.

Having A Steel Expandble Baton Can Save Your Life

I could go on all day about how well these steel batons are made, and how everyone who sees them, has to have one. Or the benefit of being able to collapse them when not in use, making them super portable.


You can put them anywhere such as backpacks, handbags, glove boxes, or clip them onto your belt. Yes, they come with a high quality holster. These are all great features, but what kind of value do they bring to you?


They might look like simple self-defense, steel sticks, but they are much more than that. One of these awesome steel batons might be the difference between life and death.


Think very carefully about the scenario that I’m going to present to you.


Imagine, that one night you’re walking down a dark and deserted road.


It’s very late, and you’re coming from an evening out with your family. It can be a wife, child or elderly parents. Suddenly out of nowhere, a crazy lunatic attacks with a knife.


Apparently this guy is on some heavy drugs, and he’s waving a knife around. He doesn’t want anything but to stab you to death and then leave you to die, bleeding all over the pavement.


The All Mighty Steel Expandable Baton Can Effectively Stop A Crazy Attacker

This is a very tough situation to be in, and you only have a few options. You could try to stop this lunatic empty-handed, but this isn’t the most efficient way to handle this situation, or the safest.


Punching him could leave you with a broken hand, taking away one of the valuable resources that you desperately need. But that’s if he doesn’t punch a bunch a knife wounds into you like a sewing machine first.


Knife attacks don’t happen like they do on television, and they come extremely fast.


What do you think will happen to your loved ones after this lunatic is done with you?


You could try running for help, but your loved ones would be left to fend for themselves, and most likely meet an unfortunate fate.


A steel Expandable baton can be swung at incredible speed, and hits very hard.


It can break bones and drop larger, more aggressive, stronger attackers very quickly and easily. And against a crazy fool with a knife, it gives more reach, keeping him at a safe distance away from you.

That Steel Expandable Baton Is A deterrent

Steel expandable batons aren’t just effective at fending off crazy lunatics with knifes. They can also stop an attack from happening in the first place.


I’ll never forget the story from a security guard that bought a steel baton from me about 6 years ago. He was just getting off work, and decided to go to the bar to get a drink.


While at the bar he accidentally bumped into a disruptive patron who happened to have too many drinks. After trying to calm the situation down to no avail, the security guard decided to leave.


The drunken patron, decided that he wasn’t going to let the situation go, and followed the security guard out the door.


Seeing that the drunken patron was a very large man, built like a tree trunk, the security guard knew he didn’t stand a chance.


After many attempts of trying to reason with this hulk of a man, the security guard knew he needed an extra advantage. With a quick draw from the holster, a flick of the wrist, and a loud click, the steel baton made one heck of an impression on the big man.


He quickly went from super aggressive, to suddenly changing his mind about wanting to fight the security guard. Instead he apologized, and went back into the bar to join his friends. Nobody got hurt, the cops never go involved, and everybody went home, instead of jail.


Dogs Will Be Afraid Of Your Steel Expandable Baton

I’ve lost count of how many times a dog has chased me on my bicycle or tried to attack me while walking home, after getting off the bus. It always happens at the worst possible times, when there’s nothing around to grab.


Luckily, I had my steel baton during the occasions this happened. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an animal beater, and I’ve never whacked a dog with it.


Remember the loud click I told you it makes while opening it?


As soon as I whipped the steel baton open, the noise and the sight of it scared the angry, aggressive dog away.


Dog bites can be very dangerous. I’ve seen what a dog bite can do, and it’s much worse than you can imagine. My dad was taking his little dog for a walk one time, and a pit bull snuck up from behind.


The pit pull grabbed my dads little dog by the neck, and swung her all over like a rag doll. The pit bull literally ripped her throat wide open exposing the esophagus and ripping the veins apart.


My dad was punching the dog in the head with very little effect. Finally, when the pit bull let go, the damage was done.


But the pit bull wasn’t done


As my dad picked up his little dog to carry her to safety, the pit tried to bite his arm, taking a piece of his dog’s ear off, and leaving scratches on his arm.


The pit barely missed, almost taking a chunk out of his forearm. Luckily the pit bull walked away. After many surgeries and lots of recovery, my dads dog made it through, but was never the same again.


Had he been carrying a Steel Expandable Baton, none of this would have happened, saving tons of money and aggravation


How To Use Your Baton

Expandable steel batons can be very effective, but also very deadly if not used properly. These are not toys and should be used by adults only. You should only use a steel baton as a last resort, and if you do, it’s important that you know the proper areas to hit an attacker.


Always aim to hit areas such as the thighs, shins, arms and hands.


A steel baton hits with incredible speed and power.


It can literally break bones.


This means that you should never aim for the head or neck area.


In order to close a steel expandable baton, you have to hit it on a hard surface.
In order to close a steel expandable baton, you have to hit it on a hard surface.


Steel batons also come in many different sizes. They can range from 12 inches long, to way over 30 inches.


From personal experience, 21 inches seems to be the best size for everyone, no matter what your height and weight.


And yes, even woman can use one.


Steel batons in the 21 inch length gives the best combination of reach and speed, while still giving precise control.



Some people might look at steel expandable batons and think that they are a waste of money.


Before you start believing this, look at all the violence that’s on the news. Many innocent victims thought they’d never be a victim of crime, but look what happened.


Anybody and can be a victim at any time.


You can either pretend that violence doesn’t occur or you can be ready for it. Violence can happen at any moment and when it does, could you honestly say that you’d be able to save your loved ones?


Why leave this to chance?


Protect your loved ones, because once they’re gone you can never replace them.


A Steel Expandable Baton Is the Perfect Tool To Accomplish This Job.

It takes a little training to master a Steel Expandable Baton, but once you do it will offer the following benefits.


  • A Steel Expandable Baton can be easily carried in a backpack purse and sometimes, even a pocket.
  • Carrying a Steel Expandable Baton will give you peace of mind.
  • Criminals and dogs will be deterred once they see the Steel Expandable Baton.
  • The Steel Expandable Baton will give you an advantage against larger, stronger attackers.
  • You’ll have a reach advantage knife welding attackers with the Steel Expandable Baton.


As you can see, for the small price that these steel batons cost, you’re at least giving yourself a chance to protect what’s most important to you.


Family and loved ones!

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