White swan at Seneca park zoo.
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Seneca Park Pond. An Impossible Journey!

Impossible Journey To The Seneca Park Pond

On a Brompton and Dahon Folding Bikes, we made the impossible journey to the Seneca Park Pond.


It’s a magical place where you can sit for hours while watching geese fight for bread.


Ducks swim in the pond while fish jump out of the water. And let’s not forget the turtles.


But the Animals Aren’t the Only Ones Enjoying the Seneca Park Pond

It’s also an amazing place where people go to have cookouts, play music and relax. Or ride folding bikes, like dad and myself did on this particular day.


Our journey to the Seneca Park Pond started like every other typical adventure.


My dad likes to ride fast and crazy. Watching him swerve in and out of traffic, and running stop signs is a terrifying sight to see.


Fortunately, the steering on his Dahon folding bicycle is more responsive than a regular bicycle.


Dad Needed This Type Of Steering While Riding Down the Hill To Seneca Park Pond

The road leading down to the Seneca Park Pond is very steep, and looks like it hasn’t been maintained in years.


With pot holes the size of moon craters, it requires quick reflexes and precise steering.


Traveling at speeds over 45 miles per hour, we finally reached the Seneca Park Pond at the end of the road.

Dad riding Dahon at Seneca Park Pond.
Dad riding Dahon at Seneca Park Pond.


Arriving At Seneca Park Pond

It was a sunny day with a light breeze, but otherwise quiet. The only ones at the Seneca Park Pond were us, and a few people walking around the track that circles the pond.


The Pond Tamed My Dad

After an hour, I figured dad would be bored, and want to leave.


To my surprise, he wanted to stay. We were both enjoying a calm conversation white eating the food that we packed in my Brompton Sport Bag.


Time seemed to go by very slowly, while sitting on one of the benches surrounding the Seneca Park Pond.


Chinese Geese at pond
Chinese Geese at pond


It Began To Get Dark

I think the animals could sense it also. The fish jumped out of the water, and looked as if they were waving at us. Strange sounds were coming from the bushes, as if something was calling out our names.


Even the Chinese Geese ran to my dad like cattle, while he was throwing bread. At one point I thought a few were going to jump into his arms, with him petting and hugging them. They even followed him to the bench.


The wildlife was saying goodbye before we left


Quiet pond at Seneca park zoo.
Quiet pond at Seneca park zoo.



It proves that peace and quiet combined with something new, can be exactly what the Doctor ordered. In this case, the Seneca Park Pond was perfect.


For those looking for a break from the fast paced, noisy city, this place will offer plenty of quietness to unwind and think.


We sat at the pond for hours, watching the wildlife. Threw bread at the geese and had a bite to eat.


By time it became nightfall, we were both in agreeance that it’s a place we’ll be returning to visit in the near future.


Now sprinkle in a little bicycle action, and you have a winning combination.




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