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SealSkinz Overshoes review by Nash Cycling

SealSkinz OverShoes For Cycling

Nash Cycling recently did an excellent review of the SealSkinz Overshoes that I’m very proud to share with you. What I like the most about this review is that Nash Cycling gives a very honest and down to earth review. He tells us about the pros and cons of using this piece of gear. Nash Cycling mentions that he actually tested this gear out and was very pleased with the quality. The material and zippers are very durable. And they fit extremely well. You can tell that he’s actually done some real world testing of the SealSkinz OverShoes. Despite their higher cost, he recommends them due to the higher quality.


 OverShoes for everyday commuting

Even though I haven’t used the SealSkinz Overshoes I can definitely see the benefits to owning a pair. As a bicycle commuter I’ve ridden in all types of foul weather. There’s been days when the weather was warm and sunny while heading to work. But later in the day the weather changed fast. The clouds came rolling in and the monstrous thunderstorms took over. It’s almost as if the storms waited until I was on my way home. I remember getting soaked from head to toe, including my shoes. Just imagine how I felt when I got home. Not only did I have to wipe and clean my bicycle, including oiling the chain, I also had to change. My socks were drenched and the water was practically pouring out of my poor shoes.


And if all that wasn’t bad enough, I’d have to wait for days until they dried out. I’d either have to wear a different pair, or if they were all I had, deal with the dampness. And once they did dry out, I’d hope that they didn’t get a musky moldy smell. Talk about a major inconvenience.


The video provided in this post was used with Permission granted by Nash Cycling. To see Nash Cycling’s YouTube page and original video click Here.


Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • Nash Cycling gave a very honest and helpful review.
  • SealSkinz Overshoes are high quality.
  • Very durable.
  • Keeps feet warm and dry in wet weather.
  • I can see the benefits of owning a pair.

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