I’m a Xootr scooter nut who loves scooting for exercise. Perhaps it’s risky at 80 to do this, but I enjoy scooting, and I believe it keeps me active and reasonably functional.

Who’s going to get hurt at six miles per hour, where you can step off the scooter from the footboard just a few inches off the ground if there’s any problem?

I like scooting for exercise two or three times a week. Four to eight miles per ride depending on where I go and whether it’s one way or a round trip!

I used to include five pushups in my three times weekly stretch and exercise program at home. I’m no gym rat, this is just something I do for flexibility and muscle activity.

Some time ago, my lower right back started hurting when I did the pushups, so last year I omitted them from the routine.

At the suggestion of my stepson, who’s an exercise zealot, I decided a few weeks ago to resume my pushups, to see if I could, and to keep my arm muscles from further shrinkage.

To my horror, I wasn’t able to do even ONE pushup. So, struggling back, what I do now is pushups where my knees never leave the ground. It’s using the same muscles, and I’m hoping that some day before long, I may be able to resume doing normal pushups.

The point is: Use it or lose it!

In our lives, each of us has a spectrum of pleasurable activities. For me, it’s dancing with my wife at our Cuban social club, walking the dog, riding my scooter, playing the piano, and trying to keep my brain active.

If you eliminate any of these activities, they get harder and harder to resume. You gotta do it and do it and do it, or you lose it, and it isn’t easy to get it back.

Yesterday: in the midst of our worldwide Covid-19 quarantine, I enjoyed a delightful ride with a Xootr scooter buddy, Jorge R, 72, whom I’d introduced to the Xootr scooter a few years ago in the parking lot of his business.

On our ride yesterday, we had a leisurely opportunity to compare notes about Corona and other issues of the day, easy breezy, relaxing, and fun, all the while wishing Happy Mothers’ Day to the family groups on foot that we passed.

All of you out there, you unwashed masses: Go for it. Do it!

Or else sit in your chair in front of the TV like a mindless zombie. It’s never too late. Go into a scooter store. Do a test ride on the showroom floor. Wake up. Try it.

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