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RTS Transit Center In Rochester, New York

The RTS Transit Center Is A Public Transportation Marvel

When The RTS Transit Center opened in 2014, it was a public transportation marvel. The RTS Transit Center eliminated the need to wait outside in the weather for a bus.


There’s no more running around on Main Street trying to find your bus. And buying bus passes are easier than ever with their new vending machines.


Now it’s possible to buy your bus passes with a credit or debit card, eliminating the need to carry exact change with you.


And for those who need help purchasing tickets or information about bus routes, there’s help desks available.


Information desk
Information desk

Overall, the RTS Transit Center Is Not Only Better Than the Old System, It’s Won Many Awards


RTS Transit Center Has Vending Machines To Purchase Passes

While you’re waiting for your bus in the climate controlled terminal, you can buy your bus passes from a vending machine.


Vending machines to buy bus passes.
Vending machines to buy bus passes.


There’s many options to chooses from. You can buy a one ride pass. Two ride pass. All day pass. Monthly pass. And even discounted senior passes.


You can buy any type of bus pass with your debit or credit card that doesn’t expire until activated


The RTS Transit Center Is A Huge Improvement

Buying tickets aren’t the only improvements made to the RTS Transit System.


A long time ago, before the RTS Transit Center was ever thought of, you had to wait for your bus on the corner of Main Street and Clinton Avenue.


This system made it very difficult to find your bus, and subjected you to waiting in crude bus shelters. But all that changed.


Welcome to the future of public transportation


What I like About The New RTS Transit Center

A while ago, I worked downtown, and I’d use the RTS Transit Center twice a day. Once to arrive to work. And a second time at night to get home.


At first the RTS Transit Center seemed confusing, because they changed all the bus route numbers, and assigned them to specific gates.


But this all became very easy to understand, and I’ll tell you why


The RTS Transit Center is similar to an airport with terminals for each bus route.


Bus gate at Transit Center
Bus gate at Transit Center


If you’ve ever flown before, this will seem very familiar and easy to understand.


LED Screens are available in multiple locations throughout the RTS Transit Center

With LED screens everywhere, displaying all the bus routes, all it takes is one quick glance upward.


LED screens at Transit Center.
LED screens at Transit Center.


And for those who like to keep a physical copy with them at all times, there’s no need to worry.


There’s a section where you can find every updated bus route available.


Maps and regular paper schedules at Transit Center
Maps and regular paper schedules at Transit Center


How The RTS Transit Center Could Be Improved

At night while waiting for my bus to arrive, I appreciated the semi-comfortable steel benches. It sure beat having to stand for my hour wait.


And I like the wheel chair section where I could put my Brompton folding bicycle. This was a very helpful feature for the nights when I didn’t feel like riding home or the weather was too terrible.


I just wish they had one at every terminal, because on busy nights the benches fill up fast.


When this happened, it provided no place to sit. And when the buses were late due to bad weather, it made for an unpleasant experience.


Especially for the physically handicapped or elderly! Good thing I’m neither.


Weather isn’t the only thing that makes the RTS Transit Center buses late


The Wait Time Between Buses Is Long

Besides the buses running more frequent during the morning hours, and slower in the afternoon and weekends, they often leave the terminal late.


What would cause the RTS Transit Center buses to leave late?

There’s a few reasons why this would happen. The spots where the RTS buses park is very narrow, requiring a supervisor to help the buses back out.


Inside terminal area at transit center
Inside terminal area at transit center


If there’s no supervisor available, the bus has to wait until one is. I’ve witnessed on many occasions, the bus leaving up to 15-20 minutes late.


My suggestion would be to hire more RTS Transit Center supervisors


RTS Transit Center Restrooms Are Filthy

Waiting a long time for a bus can be very difficult. It can test your patience to the absolute limit, especially when you have to use the restroom.


The problem is that the RTS Transit Center restrooms are disgusting. Every single time I went in there, there was garbage thrown all over the floor. And the toilets weren’t flushed.


I find this type of behavior unacceptable. There’s no excuse for adults to create this type of mess while using public restrooms.


Due to these reasons, I never attempted to enter the restrooms while waiting at the RTS Transit Center.


Besides, the restrooms at the RTS Transit Center are often closed to the public.


Do you think it could be due to the unnecessary filth in the bathrooms?



Put A Few Places To Eat Inside The RTS Transit Center

During long waits for the bus, it would be nice to have a few places to eat such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, etc.


There’s just one problem

If the restrooms are any indication, there’d be litter all over the place, because some people can’t throw their garbage away like responsible adults. And I don’t blame the RTS Transit Center for not wanting unsanitary conditions.


And seeing that some people can’t go to the RTS Transit Center without causing a problem, I can see why it would be difficult to enforce such rules. It’s a shame that some people have to ruin it for the rest.


Maybe that’s why they have so much security



The RTS Transit Center is a public transportation marvel.


Each year it provides a safe place from the weather for thousands of people to catch a bus.


Finding your bus is easy, thanks to the terminals, similar to an airport.


And buying affordable bus passes are easier than ever, thanks to the vending machines, that allow payments using a debit or credit card.


Plus, security makes it a safe place to wait for your bus.


As far as I’m concerned, the RTS Transit Center got many things right, despite the improvements I mentioned.


No wonder the RTS Transit Center won many design awards



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