Italian ice at Rita’s Italian ice.
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Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard Shop

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for some real authentic Italian Ice. When I discovered Rita’s Italian ice, I was ecstatic.


Today Was the Day We Were Going To Try Rita’s Italian Ice

I folded my Brompton folding bike.


Packed up my Brompton Sport Bag.


And just walked out the door.


My meeting with a new client had just ended, and Louie and myself were about to enjoy some authentic Italian Ice.


Outside, waiting for me was Louie in his big old Buick, along with my mom.


After putting my Brompton folding bike in the trunk, we were on our way.


The Ride To Rita’s Italian Ice

On our way to the shop I could feel the excitement running through my veins like lightning bolts.


Our short trip to 1900 South Clinton Avenue felt like an eternity, because this was the moment I’ve been waiting for.


I was ready to dig into some delicious Italian ice, while my mom was looking forward to a custom ice cream sundae.


The way she talked about ice cream smothered with caramel, peanuts, and sprinkles with a cherry on top hovered on the edge of obsession.


You Wouldn’t Beleive How Excited We Got Over Rita’s Italian Ice

You should have seen the look on our faces when we saw Rita’s Italian ice at a distance. Our eyes got as big as saucers.


The expressions on our faces screamed excitement more than a kid at the amusement park. Even the hair on the back of our necks stood up stiffer than a military guard.


Poor Louie was racing towards Rita’s faster then a pack of NASCAR professionals.


The big fat Buick was swaying from side to side, gliding over moon sized potholes with ease, and even felt like it was drifting like in the movie “The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift.”


Entrance to Rita’s Italian ice.
Entrance to Rita’s Italian ice.


As we approached the front door, I immediately noticed that it was a small shop with a lot of charm to it.


Scattered across the front window was images of mouth-watering ice cream and of course, Italian ice.


Front window of Rita’s Italian ice.
Front window of Rita’s Italian ice.


All three of us couldn’t wait to go inside and see what kind of goodies we could get ourselves into to. Believe me when I tell you, that when we did, we were pleasantly surprised.


I Was All About Rita’s Italian Ice

Inside a bunch of cold freezers was a dizzying amount of super cold Italian ice. When the friendly young woman behind the counter offered me to sample the flavors, I couldn’t resist.


Not only were all the flavors extremely flavorful, they were colder than the Antarctica.


My tongue was in both heaven from the taste, and mercy from the frigid cold. Undecided, I couldn’t help but ask the young lady which were her favorites, and she was more than happy to offer her opinions.


After much debating, I decided to go with her recommendation, and I’m so glad I did.

My Mom Flipped Out Over Rita’s Ice Cream Sundaes

My mom on the other hand, was super excited about the ice cream sundaes. After asking a ton of questions about what was available, and what was considered the best, she finally chose something that looked completely awesome.


Don’t ask me what it was called but whatever it was, it was covered with peanuts, sprinkles, lots of caramel with a cherry on top.


If I wasn’t enjoying the Italian ice so much, I might have been very tempted to get the same sundae myself.


Louie Didn’t Join In For The Rita’s Italian Ice Celebration

Recently Louie has become lactose intolerant and can’t have any dairy or cream. Louie use to love putting milk in his cereal in the morning, but had to switch to using almond milk instead.


I could tell that Louie wanted an ice cream sundae so bad, but was afraid to take a chance. Even after asking the young lady which ones were safe to eat, Louie still decided to pass.


As we both sat there enjoying our tasty treats, we felt bad that Louie couldn’t join in for all the fun.


Rita’s Italian Ice Is Cold And Delicious

The whole time I was eating my Italian ice Louie was warning me. He was reminding me to not eat it too fast, or it might freeze my brain.


We all know that this isn’t actually possible, but it feels like it when it hurts our head. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this stuff is extremely cold.


It’s so cold that if you don’t take small bites you’re tongue will feel frozen like Schwartz in the movie “A Christmas Story”. I wouldn’t be shocked if your lips got frozen together also.


I’m also a fan of the huge choice of flavors that you can mix and match, coming in three different sizes. And if you’re like me, you can even get it in sugar-free while still not sacrificing any taste.


Rita’s Italian Ice Has Superb Customer Service

Have you ever visited a place and immediately felt welcome? That’s exactly how we felt when we entered Rita’s. We were immediately greeted with smiling faces and all questions were answered patiently.


At no point were we rushed to place an order and we were even offered some excellent recommendations.


The young lady and the rest of the staff even kept us company after it got slow, and she was taking care of paperwork.


My mom loves to meet new people and when she likes them, will talk their ear off.


I could tell just by how the conversation was going that my mom and the young lady were really hitting it off.


Not only did my mom enjoy the young lady’s company, she bragged about how nice she was all the way home.


You’d think that with all this fantastic customer service we’d forget to check out the cleanliness. Well guess what, we didn’t.


With the eyes of a hawk we examined every square inch of the sitting area. Thankfully all the tables were squeaky clean and not one piece of litter or food crumbs were on the floor. Even the bathroom was freakishly clean.



Overall Rita’s Italian Ice was phenomenal.


They had great customer service with an inviting atmosphere.


The Italian ice and ice cream came in various flavors, and were delicious.


And the facilities were very clean.


Rita’s Italian Ice was a great Shop to visit, and I’d definitely recommend it highly.


I give the place a huge, see it from outer space thumbs up. We will definitely keep going back.




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