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Public Transportation Is The Heart Of Urban Commuting

Public transportation is the heart of urban commuting. Take the New York City Metro for example. Each day the trains and buses move thousands of people. At times it may take a few hours to get from one point to the next, but it allows urbanites to commute without owning a car.


That Time I Drove From New York City To River Edge, New Jersey Instead Of Using Public Transportation

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you’d understand why this is so important. I’ve tried driving in New York City. One time I was driving from JFK International Airport to River Edge, New Jersey. It took over an hour because they were doing construction on the road, and there was bumper to bumper traffic. Plus, it was raining so hard, I could barely see out the front windshield. A few times I though I would have to pull over, until it stopped. Thankfully, I didn’t have to because it was already very late.


I Had To Take A Plane From Rochester, New York to New York City

Upon arriving in JFK International Airport, I had to get a rental car. The problem with rental cars is that the cost can add up very quickly. If you keep the rental for a period of 3 to 4 days, it can easily cost you over $100. It all depends on what you rent, and what insurance options you get. At the time I was working for a car rental company, so I was able to get my rentals much cheaper. In fact, I worked in the car rental industry for quite some time.


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I Took Public Transportation From New York City To Suffern, New York

The last time I went to New York City, I spent most of my time in Suffern, New York. It took over 2-1/2 hours to get there from JFK international airport. You can read more about this amazing journey in my post called, “The Pond In Village Of Suffern, New York“. It was an amazing trip, and I got to spend time with my favorite woman in the whole wide world.


The trip required multiple forms of transportation. First, I had to get on the AirTrain at JFK International Airport. That took me to Jamaica Station. From there I took the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station. Then I had to take the New Jersey Railroad it Secaucus Junction. In total, the journey too over 2-1/2 hours.


Public Transportation Is The Heart Of Urban Commuting

As you can see, I’m no stranger to taking public transportation. I’ve been to New York City many times, and took the bus and subways on many occasions. I do have an idea about how they work. And I do understand how important they are to the life of a city. That’s why I like to think of public transportation as the heart of urban commuting. Without it, many commuters wouldn’t be able to get to where they need to go.


Inside terminal area at transit center
Inside terminal area at transit center


As much as I know about the New York City Metro, I still know a lot more about the public transportation in Rochester, New York. That’s because I’m from Rochester, New York, and I’ve ridden the public transportation daily.


There’s Many Different Reasons Why Urbanites Choose Public Transportation

There’s many reasons why urbanites might choose to ride public transportation. Maybe they can’t afford to buy a car. Or like this guy Mike that I know, be totally against car culture. Mike hates car culture, and refuses to buy a car. But I’m not here to argue the point whether you should own a car or not. And I’m not a cheerleader for public transportation. JUST PRESENTING THE FACTS MY URBANITE FRIENDS!


Public Transportation Has It’s Good Points

Public transportation does have it’s good and bad points. For starters, it’s much cheaper than owning a car. For only $15 a week you can ride the bus unlimited. Just pay $3 a day for an unlimited pass.


Buses also can reduce traffic congestion and pollution. A typical city bus can hold on average, 40-45 passengers. And if the bus gets really packed, somewhere over 50. That’s over 50 cars not on the road at that time. Now imagine over 50 buses, riding 13 hours a day or more, and you’ll see how much traffic is reduced.


Buses are also safer for the passengers. A 40 foot city bus weighs over 35,000 lbs. If another vehicle hits it, it will most likely weigh less. Moving a city bus takes something very massive. Most likely the passengers will hardly feel anything, if at all. I know because I’ve been on a city bus that’s been in an accident. And I didn’t feel a thing.


Also, if you’re going a short distance, and only taking one bus, riding the bus can be perfect. I use to work in Downtown Rochester, New York, and was only required to take one bus. As soon as we arrived at the Transit Center, I had a 10 minute walk to work. I actually use to enjoy my walks.


Public Transportations Also Has It’s Bad Points

With all this talk about how great public transportation is, there are some negatives as I mentioned earlier. There has been many times when the bus was running late due to bad weather. I’ve had to stand in the rain or freezing cold, waiting for a bus that never arrived. Or if it did, was very late.


Another issue can be crowding. Many times the bus can be packed, forcing you to stand all the way home. Imagine standing on your feet all day, and then having to stand some more. Once the bus starts to empty, you can sometimes find a seat, but have to sit very close to another patron. If they smell, you have to deal with it. Or if they take up all the room, sit uncomfortably on the edge. Plus with all those bodies packed together so tightly, it can get very warm on the bus.


Despite All The Negatives That I Mentioned, Public Transportation Still Is The Heart Of Urban Commuting

Regardless of all the negatives I just mentioned, public transportation still is the heart of urban commuting. It allows commuters who can’t afford a vehicle to get to work. The elderly, who can no longer drive have an affordable transportation option. And others who don’t have a long commute, can save money while having a safer option to get to work.


While Riding Public Transportation It’s Important To Have A Plan

The most important thing to make your commute on public transportation easier, is to have a plan.


Check The Route And Schedules Carefully When Riding Public Transportation

Before you commute to work on a new bus route, check the times that the bus leaves. This is especially important if you have to catch more than one bus. What I like to do is check what time the second bus leaves the transit center. Then I’ll check what time the bus close to my house leaves, to get to the transit center in time.


There’s A Few Options When It Comes To Purchasing Tickets For Public Transportation

You can either buy your all day passes from the fare box on the bus, or the handy vending machines at the Transit Center. Both these passes cost the same, but there’s one advantage to buying them from the vending machine.


You Can Purchase Public Transportation Tickets From The Vending Machine Using Your Credit/Debit Card


Bus Pass Machines at RTS Transit Center
Bus Pass Machines at RTS Transit Center


You can buy the tickets from the vending machine using your credit/debit card. This is extremely helpful when you don’t carry much cash on you. I use to buy all my tickets for the week all at once, eliminating the need to keep repeating it. Plus if I did have any cash on me, I could save it for emergencies.


Those Digital Screens Are Very Handy When Taking Public Transportation From The Transit Center


Digital schedule board at RTS Transit Center
Digital schedule board at RTS Transit Center


There’s also very handy digital screens throughout the Transit Center that tells what time each bus leaves, and what gate it’s at. This is completely different from the old days when we had to catch them outside. No more running up and down Main Street trying to find your bus. Or waiting outside in the frigid cold.


There’s Always Information Desks To Help You With Your Public Transportation Questions


Information desk at RTS Transit Center
Information desk at RTS Transit Center


Now, if you don’t have any clue about what bus to catch or what time it leaves, there’s also information desks. The agents can look up any bus schedule that you need to know, and what gate it leaves from. I’ve asked the agents many times about certain buses.


A Conclusion To This Amazing Public Transportation Post

The Transit Center in Downtown Rochester, New York is just one example of public transportation. In places such as New York City, the public transportation is much different, but they all have one thing in common. They are available to commuters to get to places such as work, or those who can no longer drive to their appointments. Many people can’t afford a vehicle to commute, and rely heavily on public transportation. Hopefully it’s as affordable as the public transportation that’s in Rochester, New York.


Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • Public Transportation is the heart of urban commuting.
  • Allows urbanites to commute without owning a car.
  • I’ve been on public transportation in New York City multiple times.
  • I know more about Rochester, New York public transportation than anywhere else.
  • Helps people commute, who can’t afford or able to drive a vehicle.
  • Reduces traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Can be more affordable than owning a car.

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