Large pizza with mushrooms and black olives from Amico Pizza.

Pizza That Doesnt Disappoint. Finally!

As my dad and I was sitting outside Amico Pizza, eating the best pizza we’ve ever had, I realized a few things.


Amico Pizza on East Ridge Road.
Amico Pizza on East Ridge Road.


The first one is that I’m a Pizza carnivore. I’m not sure if such a thing exists, but if it did, I’d definitely be one.


I also realized that finding great pizza is very hard to do. While there’s no shortage of pizza shops in the area, finding one that actually delivers on the promise of being the best, is actually impossible.


I’ve tried dozens of pizzas, from many different shops, and each time I walked out completely disappointed.


The pizza with thin crust made of flatbread? Tried it!


Soggy pizza that flops when you hold it? Had that too.


Commercial chain pizza with more dripping grease than what’s in you’re car? Was totally disgusting!


As you can probably tell, I’ve been around the pizza block more than a times. And I’m sure you have too, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. Now would you?


Most Pizza Shops Are Owned By A Commercial Chain

The problem is that there’s not many small, privately owned pizza shops anymore. I know that many of you are shaking your head, and disagreeing with me. But just hear me out for a second.


On just about every corner, there’s a commercial chain pizza shop.


You have your Pizza Hut’s.


Salvatore’s Old fashioned pizzeria.


Little Cesar’s Pizza.


Marks Pizzeria.


There’s a lot of choices when it comes to buying pizza.


It can be very difficult when it comes to making a choice, because all these pizzerias make wild claims.


Old Fashioned pizza.


Simply the best.


Family owned and operated.


Better ingredients, better pizza.


If you haven’t guessed by now, the last claim was from Papa Johns.


And we all know what happened to them. When they were asked to disclose where their ingredients came from, they couldn’t. And the founder got kicked out of his own company for making racist comments.


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How Do You Find Great Pizza?

There’s no guarantees when it comes to finding great pizza. Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to what makes a pizza great.


All you can do is try to increase you’re chances of finding one. And that’s exactly what I did.


Amico Pizza sign.
Amico Pizza sign.


I looked up pizza on the internet, and checked out the ones with the best reviews. The one with the highest rating in the area, was Amico Pizza.


Everybody raved about how awesome the pizza is. And how personable, and friendly Dave Amico the owner is.


Amico Pizza Has An Incredible Story

I was also very impressed with the story of how his father started the company. And then eventually sold it to Dave and his brother when he retired. But what was most impressive, is the fact that Dave has made pizzas since 8 years old.


Nobody Wants To Wait Forever For Their Pizza

On more than one occasion, I’ve encountered rude and slow service at a pizza shop.


I’m not sure what the reasons were, but upon entering, the person at the counter totally ignored us.


Or if they did acknowledge us, the Pizza took forever to be ready.


Dave at Amico Pizza was like a breath of fresh air. Even before we entered, he was at the counter ready to take care of us.


He immediately introduced himself, and took our order. He even asked us how crispy we wanted our crust, that’s wood fire cooked of course.


The pizza was ready within 20 minutes, and exactly what we ordered.


Dave At Amico Pizza Was Very Helpful

On this particular day dad and I rode our bicycles to Amico Pizza. The racks on both folders, the Dahon and Brompton are small. It would have been difficult to strap the pizza to the rack, so we decided to eat it there.


Amico Pizza has a sitting area, but no tables to eat at. Seeing that it was hot in the pizza shop with no tables, we decided to eat outside.


My dad finished his half of the pizza, but I couldn’t finish mine.


What I needed was a small box, in order to ge able to strap it to my bicycle rack. Dave not only gave me a box. He taped it for me. And collected all the trash for us. Plus he sat down and had a pleasant conversation with me.


Amico Pizza Is Just The Right Thickness

My buddy Louie complains about how thin the pizza always is. One day at work I saw exactly what he meant. The office ordered pizza that not only sagged, you could practically see through it.


It looked like they used a flatbread, and it wasn’t cooked too well. In my opinion, it tasted kinda doughy.


Dave at Amico Pizza not only asked us how crispy we wanted the pizza, it was also nice and thick. We could immediately tell that he wasn’t skimpy on the crust.


The second time I went back, I brought Louie with me, and even he said the crust was amazing.


When an old school Italian guy gives a pizza the thumbs up, you know it’s good.


Plus Louie and Dave hit it off good, and talked as if they knew each other for years.


Amico Pizza Didn’t Have That Disgusting Grease Residue In The Box

Anybody who’s ever ordered pizza knows exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve seen on many occasions, that disgusting spot of grease left when taking pizza from the box.


What’s even more disgusting than the geese spot, was when the grease was dripping.


Large pizza with mushrooms and black olives from Amico Pizza.
Large pizza with mushrooms and black olives from Amico Pizza.


Amico Pizza gave me much-needed relief from this dreaded grease. I was very shocked to not see the awful grease when I removed my pizza from the box. Surprisingly, it was dry.

Amico Pizza Was An Awesome Find

You have no idea how relieved I am, to finally find a pizza shop that I totally love.


Pizza is supposed to be a fun casual place to order food from. You want fast, friendly service. And you want your order to be right.


But above all, you want great tasting pizza that’s fresh, and doesn’t drip disgusting grease.


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