The perfect commute for a safe life.
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The Perfect Commute For A Healthy And Safe Life

All About The Perfect Commute

I’m very excited to share a phenomenal YouTube video, that explains what’s considered the perfect commute for a healthy and safe life. I can relate to such a video because I’m an avid urban commuter myself. I enjoy all types of transportation ranging from bicycles, kick scooters, public transportation, and especially planes.


I’ve ridden all types of bicycles on roads saturated with crazy, angry drivers who love to beep their horns. These roads could desperately use their own protected bicycle lanes that could double as paths for walking, and alternate transportation such as kick scooters.


Unfortunately, this will never happen, and instead we must educate ourselves about safety while on the roads.


This is where experts such as Shifter comes in. So pay attention to what he says, because it will save your life.


A Comparison Of Different Commuting Infrastructures

In this video, “The Perfect Commute For A Healthy And Safe Life”, Shifter compares different bicycle infrastructures and compares them according to how safe they are.


A Demonstration Of The Perfect Commute

Shifter rides his bicycle to the train station and locks it up to a railing. He mentions that it’s better to lock your bicycle up to a rack if they are available. This is a problem that many bicyclists experience.


Then rides the train, which he explains is the safest way to commute, as with the bus. When the train arrives at the closest station, he finishes his commute with a walk which is just as safe as public transportation.


The Perfect Commute For A Healthy Safe Life Conclusion

All this information was researched and published by a Doctor and her staff. This type of information is very hard to find unless you’re a dedicated commuter such as Shifter or myself.


So Remember the Information That He Provided, And Stay Safe Out there.


Even though there’s no train where I live,  I have a few amazing folding bicycles and a kick scooter, that’s perfect for combining with the bus.


Maybe I can convince Shifter to try one seeing that he loves riding his bicycle, just like I do.


Thank you to Shifter for providing this video. To see Shifter’s YouTube page and original video click Here.




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