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Pace Bicycle Rental Saves The Pizza

Pace Bicycle With Pizza

Pace. A Bicycle. With Pizza! What do all three of these things have in common? Pace is a bicycle rental company. And I used Pace to get to Napa Wood Fired Pizza. You may be asking the question, but Mr Thousand, don’t you own a Folding Bicycle? To that, my answer is a big, YES! I most certainly do own a Folding bicycle. And I most definitely still ride it when the situation calls for it. Pace bicycle just happened to be the best choice for the day.

With stations located all over the downtown area, including one by the transit center, Pace bicycle rental is the perfect way to get around. It bridges the gap between the transit center to other locations within the area. Instead of waiting an hour for the next bus, you can easily unlock a Pace bicycle, and be at your desired destination within a few minutes. And when you’re done riding, you can drop it off at another station. Or hold it, if you plan on keeping it to return to your original location.

Pace bike parked at station.
Pace bike parked at station.

Napa Pizza Was Too Crowded For Folding Bicycles

Napa Wood Fired Pizza serves authentic Italian Pizza, that they cook over a fire. Not only that, you can choose from many different styles of pizza with different toppings. When I took the pictures that you see in this post, it was on a different day, when they weren’t too busy. But on this particular day, it was so crowded, there was only enough room to sit at our table. Yes, there was two of us. I decided to bring my Dad along who has never been to Napa Wood Fired Pizza. Napa has won numerous awards as having the best tasting pizza in the whole Rochester, New York region.

Napa wood fired pizzeria voted as having best pizza.
Napa wood fired pizzeria voted as having best pizza.

As you can probably tell by now, this wasn’t my first time going to Napa Wood Fired Pizza. This place gets extremely busy, and even as compact as my Folding bicycle is, there’s no way it would have fit by the table. My dad also has a Folding bicycle, but it’s a lot bigger than mine when folded. Bringing the Folding bicycles onto the bus, folding them and carrying them, and finding a place to put them would have been an all out disaster. As light and compact as Folding bicycles are, they can still be heavy to carry for certain distances.

Old fashioned wooden ceilings inside Napa wood fired pizzeria.
Old fashioned wooden ceilings inside Napa wood fired pizzeria.

Instead we were able to enjoy the atmosphere at Napa’s stress free. We enjoyed delicious pizza while admiring the high wooden ceilings. And the way the place is decorated, it just gives the feeling of being in a little pizza shop located somewhere in Italy. They even have cloth towels in the bathroom instead of paper towels.

A whole margherita pizza.
A whole margarita pizza.

Pace Is the Place To Rent Bicycles

This wasn’t the first time I’ve rented a bicycle from Pace. The first time I tried it, I did a very short run from Scio Street to the transit center. Putting the app on my phone and using it was very easy. And I was able to figure everything out with hardly no instructions. You can read about this review right Here. Pace bicycles are easily unlocked using your cell phone with the Bluetooth on. The bicycles are very adjustable to fit your height, and even have a basket up front to put your stuff. Before I tried Pace bicycles I never knew how useful a basket can be. But if I was to ever buy another Folding bicycle, I’d definitely think about adding one to it.

By now I probably sound like a poster boy for Pace bicycle rental, with you thinking I work for them. I do not work for Pace bicycle rental, but if they want to hire me to promote them, I won’t say no. It’s just that I can honestly say that I’m truly impressed with their service so far. And when I contacted them, they seemed like genuine good people that run an honest business.

Pace Bicycle Rental Made The Day Stress Free

Me and dad rode from the transit center to Napa’s located on South Avenue. And even he was impressed with the way they ride. The heavy duty frames and wide tires really absorb the bumps in the rode. And the brakes effectively bring the bicycles to a stop. Two of my favorite features are the built in lights that shine when you pedal, and the fenders that keep you clean and dry.

They also have a built in lock, allowing you to lock it to any bicyclerack. This is an amazing feature because you don’t have to carry a heavy lock around. And this handy feature was really useful when we had to lock the bicycles up. One of the biggest fears when owning a bicycle is theft. But because this wasn’t an issue, we were able to enjoy our meal without stressing.

I can honestly say that without Pace bicycle rental, this amazing day most likely wouldn’t have happened. Not only would we have not been able to bring our Folding bicycles with us, we also would have had to wait a long time for a bus. Between those two hurdles, we probably would have had no choice but to go somewhere else, or back home. Plus I did get to enjoy the sight of my dad trying a rental bicycle for the first time. Believe me when I tell you. This was no easy task, seeing he’s the most stubborn man on the whole East Coast. So in a sense, Pace bicycle rental saved the pizza.

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