Delicious hamburger at Ezzy’s Restaurant.

Outstanding Food And Service At Ezzy’s Restaurant

As we pulled into the parking lot I could feel the excitement running through my veins like lightning bolts. We were about to experience a new restaurant called Ezzy’s thanks to my buddy Louie.


Louie has been a great long time friend of the family and someone who I’ve been able to completely trust. Whenever an emergency comes up, Louie will be there, especially when I’m unable to make it.


Ezzy’s Restaurant was a recommendation made by Louie, who’s known the owner and his wife for many years. Louie said that they were good people and the food was excellent. Never letting me down before, I totally trusted Louie’s judgment.


From the outside Ezzy’s Restaurant looks like any other ordinary restaurant, but once your go inside, that’s where everything changes. Immediately we were greeted by the owners wife and within minutes, our friendly waitress was there taking care of us.


Within seconds all three of us had a hot, fresh cup of coffee, with my mom also getting her water with lemons.


Going first, Louie ordered the pancakes. My mom ordered the BLT(bacon, lettuce and tomato). I ordered the cheeseburger extra well done with a small, side order of pasta.


Side order of pasta at Ezzy’s Restaurant.
Side order of pasta at Ezzy’s Restaurant.

Then Came The Moment Of Truth……

Out came the food and surprisingly it looked absolutely incredible. Louie’s pancakes were humongous and very fluffy. My moms BLT was cooked to absolute crispy perfection. My burger was not only super fresh, it looked outstandingly scrumptious. Plus the pasta was just the right amount and tasted amazingly good.


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What I Liked About Ezzy’s Restaurant

The customer service was top-notch. As soon as we entered, we were immediately greeted. We didn’t have to stand there waiting to be seated.


Our food came out fast and everything was done correctly. There was no need to complain or have anything fixed.


I thought the food tasted absolutely incredible and my mom, and Louie agreed. Louie said he never saw pancakes so huge in his entire life. My mom loved the BLT and found out that it was a very popular choice on the menu.


The hamburger that I ordered was super delicious and my mom couldn’t help but admire it.


Delicious hamburger at Ezzy’s Restaurant.
Delicious hamburger at Ezzy’s Restaurant.

Ezzy’s Restaurant Was Super Clean

Unlike a few other places we’ve gone to before, the tables were very clean. We didn’t have to wipe the crumbs off the table and the floors didn’t have food spilled all over them.


The bathrooms were also very clean and a young gentleman was cleaning them while we were there. A long time ago I got some very good advice when it comes to finding out how clean a place really is.


If an establishment has a clean bathroom it usually means that the rest of the place is very clean also, including the food. In this case, it was true.


Would I Recommend Ezzy’s Restaurant?

You bet your bottom I would. I love how well they treated us while we were there and how great the food tasted.


I even gave them an outstanding review on TripAdvisor after seeing the sticker on their door. Being a top contributor on TripAdvisor, people listen when I write reviews. In this particular situation, Ezzy’s Restaurant earned this outstanding review and won me over as a steady customer.


Let’s Do A Little Recap Here

  • Ezzy’s Restaurant has superb service.
  • Everything was super clean including the bathrooms.
  • The food is outstanding.
  • They even have unlimited pasta.
  • All the staff is very friendly.
  • Our orders were correct.
  • The owners are awesome.
  • Ezzy’s Restaurant has an inviting atmosphere.

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