Ralphie and his dad were on the side of the road changing a flat in the middle of winter. The dad always imagined working in the pits of NASCAR and had the mother inside the car timing how long it took. Being in a rush to beat his regular time he accidentally hit the hub cap that Ralphie was holding containing the lug nuts. As they both looked at each other while the lug nuts scattered all in the snow, the magical words that would change the whole dynamics of their father and son bonding time came out. OHHH…FUDGE!! The problem is that instead, the king of all swear words came out. Everyone watched in terror as they thought this was the end of Ralphie, including Ralphie himself. Of course Ralphie never got killed by his dad but instead, got soap shoved into his mouth that we can all assume tasted pretty horrible, especially back in the nineteen forties.

A Christmas Story fudge on shelve at Harts Local Grocers.

A Christmas Story fudge on shelve at Harts Local Grocers.

Based upon A Christmas Story

For those that remember, this was a great scene from the movie “A Christmas Story” that came out in 1983. It’s about a young Ralphie growing up in the 1940’s, who tries to get a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas. Each time he’s told he’ll shoot his eye out with even Santa Clause saying the same thing while pushing him down the slide with his foot. Poor Ralphie knew at that point that his chances of getting a Red Ryder air rifle were next to zero. For those of you that never saw it, I would totally recommend that you watch it because it’s not only an enjoyable classic to watch but will also help you understand what A Christmas Story old fashioned fudge is all about.

I was just finishing lunch at Harts Local Grocers and had this urge to go look around the special gifts section for some strange reason. It was like something was saying, I triple dog dare you to come look over here. As I was browsing I saw the most incredible and creative packaging in my life. Immediately when I saw the words “A Christmas Story OHHH…FFFFUDGE!!” I immediately called everyone over in excitement to show them this incredible find. It was like I found a treasure alongside the famous Little Orphan Annie.

OHHH…FUDGE!! has amazing reviews

Usually I’m not a junk or sweet food eater and would never buy fudge normally. In this case I had bought the fudge on an impulse based upon the box alone even if the fudge was to taste like complete crap. After I got home and started looking at the box I got curious and looked up the company on their website Mcjakcandy.com. All the reviews were outstanding, and people couldn’t say enough good things about their products including their hand stirred creamy chocolate fugde. At this point I got real curious and couldn’t help myself, but to finally try this highly rated fudge made by this small family owned business based out of rural Medina, Ohio.

The story about the company that made A Christmas Story fudge.

The story about the company that made A Christmas Story fudge.

OHHH…FUDGE!! Is Outstanding

As we carefully opened this beautiful box trying not to ruin it we were very excited. Not knowing what to expect we couldn’t help but to be shocked when we saw that the fudge wasn’t in individual wrappers like the cheaper stuff we’ve seen. This was actually in a plastic platter where you have to cut it with a knife. Now our taste buds were starting to drool with anticipation. Was this going to knock our socks off like Ralphie knocked the bully out, or were we going to be disappointed.

I peeled back the plastic seal and the aroma was amazing. You can actually smell the chocolate fudge. The smell is pleasantly strong and you can tell that it’s not only handmade with old fashioned Christmas Story love, but also extremely fresh. When they say this stuff is creamy they aren’t kidding. Cutting it with the knife, I saw that it didn’t break apart and fall all over the place into crumbs. This fudge stayed together like glue and really stuck, even better than Flips tongue on that flag pole.

A Christmas Story fudge on a plate.

A Christmas Story fudge on a plate.

What really shocked me was the taste. It was very creamy with a nice sweet chocolatey taste. There was no bitter after-taste and you could tell that they actually used real high grade chocolate. When they say they make this stuff from scratch and stir by hand in copper kettles they aren’t playing around. From the creative packaging to the finest ingredients this company takes real pride in their products. When a hard to please person like me is impressed by the initial packaging and loves the taste of the product even though I never eat this kind of stuff, you know that its exceptional.

I’d definitely recommend McJak Candy Co.

Would I recommend the product and the company. Absolutely! I contacted the company and told them that I was going to do an honest review and they got back to me very fast. When a company responds back in a timely manner it usually means that they not only provide great customer service but also stand behind their products one hundred percent. It shows that they truly care about their customers and will do whatever it takes to make sure that they are completely satisfied with their purchase. Another thing that I look for is how creative and well put together the packaging and advertising is. This involves the box that it came in and the website. I was extremely impressed with both because after-all I purchased it on an impulse. The taste was also awesome and didn’t dissapoint. My taste buds immediately said OHHH…FUDGE!!

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