Pasta salad at Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn.
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Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn Made Our Birthday’s Special

As the big red Buick pulled up slowly, it had an unusually eerie feeling about it. We had no idea we were going to Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn.




The whole scene reminded me of that movie ”Christine,“ about a killer car. Immediately, as I sat down, I could tell that it wasn’t the car that was different, but instead, Louie himself.


He had a serious look on his face. And a slight twinkle in his eyes. Louie had something sneaky planned, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.


Little did we know, Louie was bringing us to Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn, but he wasn’t telling.


At least not yet.


What I remember the most is the firm words that came out of Louie’s mouth: “We’re going somewhere special today.”


It was very obvious that Louie had something special planned, and it took a lot of time to do it.


The NASCAR Style Drive To Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn

Louie dropped the hammer, as they say in NASCAR, when they’re about to kick some butt. With the energy of a much younger guy than he is, his foot pushed the pedal down with authority. The big old Buick took off like a jet.


Amazingly, Louie kept the big fat Buick under control, as he raced through twisting turns. As we got closer to Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn, the scenery changed dramatically.


We could feel the Breeze from Lake Ontario blasting through the open windows. And the smell of the Lake very close by, set the stage for what was to come next.


Arriving At Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn

Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn’s exterior was very inviting and matched the feeling of the neighborhood. Upon entering, the place had a very inviting but “Goodfellas” look to it.


I truly loved the look of the wooded beamed ceilings and enjoyed the phenomenal photos, paintings, and drawings that saturated the walls. There were more wall decorations than at the Record Archive.


Photo hanging up inside Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn.
Photo hanging up inside Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn.


Louie couldn’t wait, with loads of excitement, to show me all these fantastic hanging works of art. He even requested that I take as many pictures of them as possible, and show him afterwards. There were just way too many to capture, but the ones I did get were incredible.


Photo of Marlon Brando hanging up.
Photo of Marlon Brando hanging up.


The Service At Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn

The service at Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn was top-notch. Nick the owner immediately came over and introduced himself to us, and proudly showed all his family photos that were hanging on the wall. He explained a bit about his family history, and where each photo was taken.


This is a family owned and operated restaurant, and our waitress was his daughter. She was just as friendly and personable as her father, and was very attentive to us the whole time.


Every few minutes, she would come around and ask if we needed anything. And if we had any requests of any kind, she would immediately take care of it, with no questions asked.


We were treated so well by the staff and owner, you’d swear we were actually part of his family.


Louie Made Our Birthday’s At Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn Special

Before we even ordered, Louie said with a demanding voice that he was paying the bill, seeing it was both our birthdays. My moms birthday falls the day before mine, because she had me 54 minutes after hers.


Neither one of us challenged Louie’s decision because we could tell by the way he said it, that he meant business.


Louie took charge and told our waitress that we were having the buffet, which was very kind and impressive.


After we received our silverware and coffee’s, Louie got up and left for a while. He was back to his sneaky ways again, but we had no idea what he was up to this time.


The Buffett At Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn Was Superb

I loved everything about Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn’s Buffet. The way it was laid out was excellent. Everything looked and smelled very fresh. And the variety was endless.


They had all kinds of tasty salads ranging from pasta to every type of greens you can imagine. Plus the toppings were just as extensive.


Our favorites were the mixed greens and pasta salads. And the balsamic and Italian dressings were so good, our taste buds were confused about which ones to choose.


What really knocked our socks off, better than Rocky Balboa did Ivan Drago, was the fresh grated cheese. This definitely wasn’t the cheap grated cheese you’d find at your local Walmart.


Small portion of pasta with grated cheese at Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn.
Small portion of pasta with grated cheese at Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn.


For our main meals, the pasta with home-made sauce was superb, along with the fresh meat balls. Every time they brought more from the kitchen, we could smell the aromas, as if they were cooking everything all day.


Come to find out, they actually do. Everything that they serve at Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn is cooked from scratch, with nothing coming out of a can.


Butter garlic bread.
Butter garlic bread.


But this wasn’t the end of it. As soon as we ran out of butter garlic bread, they would automatically bring more out. This bread was nice and crispy, with melted butter and garlic sprinkled all over it. Dipping this bread in the left over sauce on our plate, made the meal even more spectacular.


The Staff At Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn Had A Huge Surprise For Us

Towards the end of our meal, when our bellies were about to explode from Italian cuisine overload, I noticed something strange. The owner Nick along with his staff, were looking at us while whispering and pointing.


I had no idea about what was going on or about to happen, but it was the first time anything such as this has ever happened.


And then suddenly, out of nowhere with no warning, BAMM!!. The unexpected happened. Nick’s awesome staff came over and made us sing happy birthday with them. They went out of their way to make a special, chocolate mousse cake, with whipped cream on top.


Louie snuck over when we weren’t watching, and sneakily arranged with Nick to surprise us. Not only did Louie make reservations, he went through extra trouble to make our birthday’s the best ones we’ve ever had.


You could never imagine how great we felt on this day. Before Louie picked us up, we were feeling a little depressed. Nobody, including friends or family offered to do anything special with us. It was if they all forgot about our birthday’s. Louie definitely made us feel special, and it’s something we will never forget, even for years to come.



I’m going to follow in Louie’s footsteps, and tell you with authority, to go try Nick’s Sea Breeze Inn for yourself. Out of all the restaurants  I’ve been to, including Italian ones, Nick’s has definitely been the best.


The whole atmosphere and look of the Restaurant is very inviting, and has a great vibe to it. Nick and his staff provided impressive customer service, making us feel like family.


We were waited on very quickly, and unlike other restaurants, I didn’t have to wait so long, that I had to shave by time our food came out. Our waitress came by often, and didn’t give us any problems or attitude, like a waitress did one time at a different restaurant.


In fact, Nick and his staff went out of their way, to make our birthday’s extra special, and to them I want to say, thank you.


This was a day that was unforgettable to us and wouldn’t have been possible without you. So, I hope you get to read this.


Vegetable beef soup at Nick’s Seabreeze Inn.
Vegetable beef soup at Nick’s Seabreeze Inn.


Plus, the food was very fresh and authentic. Nothing came out of a can. And the variety was endless.




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