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Micro Sprite kick Scooter & Amazing City Adventures

My Micro Sprite Kick Scooter

The Micro Sprite Kick Scooter was the first scooter that I ever purchased.


And here’s why


I needed something light and portable.


It had to ride fairly well.


And it had to be durable.


At first it was difficult trying to find an adult kick scooter that would meet all these high expectations.


That’s until……….


After reading multiple reviews and watching videos, I finally decided to give the Micro Sprite Kick Scooter a try.


At only 5.5 pounds, and extremely compact, I figured this would be the perfect adult kick scooter for both city commuting and traveling.


The Day the Micro Sprite Kick Scooter Arrived

Full view of Micro Sprite kick scooter.
Full view of Micro Sprite kick scooter.


Normally, the Micro Sprite Kick Scooter goes for $100 on Amazon, which is still a great a deal for the amount of quality that the Micro Sprite Kick Scooter offers.


Fortunately, it was on sale at Micro Scooter’s warehouse for only $69.


I was thinking that if I didn’t like riding an adult kick scooter it wouldn’t be a big deal, because I didn’t spend too much.


My View On Adult Kick Scooters Changed Because Of The Micro Sprite Kick Scooter

But my attitude towards adult kick scooters immediately changed after testing the Micro Sprite Kick Scooter in my driveway.


NYCEWheels in New York City, along with hundreds of other adults that commute on them daily, recommended them highly.


And now I could understand why


The Micro Sprite Is Outstanding

The Micro Sprite kick scooter is one of Micro’s highest rated models.


For having such small wheels, the Micro Sprite rolls smoothly on paved and rough roads.


And surprisingly, the steering is very responsive and stable for dodging moon sized pot holes.


These zippy little wheels can gain such shocking speed. But I was never concerned with stopping, because the back brake works extremely well, despite not having a front one.


Going On A City Adventure With the Micro Sprite

One day I was about to ride across the Veterans Memorial Bridge, past the mysterious abandoned steps that me and the Brompton explored, and a gentleman was walking at the same time.


By the time I got to the other side of the bridge, the gentleman was only a quarter of the way across.


I consider this impressive, because this is one long bridge, and I didn’t expect to cross it so quickly.


When I arrived at the Tim Hortons on Lake Avenue for my meeting, I couldn’t believe how fast I got there.


From my house to Tim Hortons, it’s approximately 2.5 miles. The Micro Sprite got me there in 20 minutes.


Everyone Loves the Micro Sprites Appealing Looks

My Micro Sprite came with a high quality, matte black paint job with stunning graphic logos.


Everywhere I went, everyone loved the impressive looks of the Micro Sprite.


Micro Sprite Kick Scooter deck.
Micro Sprite Kick Scooter deck.


For $100 you get a high quality, durable deck and frame made of aircraft grade aluminum.


Locking mechanism’s on both the frame and handlebar, that are super durable. No matter how rough the road or other surfaces became, they never gave out.


And when it was time to fold the Micro Sprite, the folding mechanisms were fast and easy. This was a very useful feature when going inside stores or restaurants.


Add in the fancy looking wheels made of polyurethane rubber, that are almost indestructible, and you can see why I liked it so much.


But I wasn’t the only one that liked it a lot


My Dad Saw The Micro Sprite And Had To Have One

My dad tried the Micro Sprite out and immediately got hooked. He loved the streamlined look along with the overall solid build.


His three favorite features about the Micro Sprite was the Chartreuse green color that his came in. The flex free deck and handlebar stem. And the very effective brake. 


Dad rode his Micro Sprite everywhere, and obsessively bragged about it. But he wasn’t the only one………..



That Time I Met A Micro Sprite Fanatic In River Edge, New Jersey

I was in River Edge, New Jersey about to catch the train at New Bridge Landing, when I saw an elderly Asian man ride up on a matte black Micro Sprite Kick Scooter.


All it took was mentioning that I had the same adult kick scooter at home, and we were in a lengthy conversation about them.


He mentioned how he tried many different types of adult kick scooters, and his favorite ended up being the Micro Sprite.


What this elderly gentleman liked the most about the Micro Sprite, were the same reasons my dad and myself did.



This super durable, tiny Micro Sprite Kick Scooter, capable of holding a rider weighing up to 220 lbs is suitable for the everyone in the family.


It’s the lightest adult kick scooter on the market, making it super easy to carry upstairs at train stations.


Rides super smooth and fast over rough roads and surfaces, despite having such small wheels.


Looks superb with its high quality paint job and graphics.


Micro Sprite Kick Scooter folded.
Micro Sprite Kick Scooter folded.


And folds incredibly fast and smooth for when you’re going into places, such as stores and restaurants.


But wait! Before you go there’s more!!!!!


Micro Scooters have outstanding customer service and warranties, along with a large choice of accessories such as lights, carry straps, travel bags, and more.



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