Let’s get Dirty Potato Chips!

Let’s get Dirty Potato Chips! In fact, the dirtier the better. Make them so dirty that they have zero trans fat, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, and no artificial sweeteners. I’m not talking about potato chips covered in dirt, but an excellent brand called Dirty Potato Chips. Kettle cooked in premium peanut oil, these potato chips are so crunchy, you’re most likely going to be responsible for keeping the neighbors up for making too much noise. Of course you won’t be able to help it, because I’m not ashamed to admit, these potatato chips taste phenomenal.

Dirty Potato Chips found me

The day I found Dirty Potato Chips, I was innocently waiting in line to order my lunch at Harts Local Grocers. All of a sudden it was as if the bright red bag that they come in was whispering dirty, sweet nothings into my ear. Whoever came up with the package design is a genius. Red definitely attracts attention, and the name stands out among all the other potatoe chips, crying out for your attention. Standing in line, I couldn’t help but keep glancing over at the rack full of Dirty Potato Chips. The whole time I was waiting, these kettle cooked Mesquite Bar-B-Que instigators were on my mind. Finally, I couldn’t handle all the teasing they were dishing out, and I gave in.

Dirty Potato Chips taste dirty-tastic

As I ripped open the bag I could hardly wait to see how crunchy and tasty they were. I’ve been taste-bud assaulted by many different potatoe chips cooked in different oils, but never kettle cooked in premium peanut oil. The nutrition facts already met all my ridiculous requirements, and impressed me with all of the top rated ingredients that they use. After trying many types of kettle cooked potatoe chips, I expected these to be just as crunchy and delicious. Dirty Potato Chips have a very unique taste, as you can tell they were cooked in premium peanut oil. It is a soothing, rich taste that rips through you’re taste buds followed by take no prisoners Mesquite Bar-B-Que. Then to add more insult to your poor, taste-addicted tongue, the salt moves in to finish them off. All this action happens within seconds, and before you know it, you’re hooked. No matter how loud the crunch, or how overwhelmed your mouth becomes from the superb taste, you cannot stop.

Mesquite Bar-B-Que Dirty Potato Chips in bowl.

Mesquite Bar-B-Que Dirty Potato Chips in bowl.

I’m not sure if Dirty Potato Chips come in bigger bags, but I have to warn you, the two ounce bag that they come in won’t seem like enough. These are very dangerous potatoe chips for the person who loves very crunchy snacks. Crunchy snacks are one of my weaknesses and these definitely could cause me to eat more than one bag at a time. After further investigation I discovered that Dirty Potato Chips is owned by UTZ Quality Foods.

Dirty Potato Chips are premium chips

I use to work with a young woman who’s father works at UTZ Potatoe chips, and she’d bring all kinds of unique, tasty snacks to work. UTZ makes extremely high quality snacks, and potatoe chips, and Dirty Potato Chips is one of them. You can tell as soon as you taste them that they use nothing but all-natural ingredients of the highest quality. As I stated in the beginning there’s nothing artificial contained within them at all. Not only does this increase the taste dramatically, but also makes them much healthier for you. Whenever you can’t pronounce the ingredients in the nutrition facts, its a good time to run away as fast as you can, without looking back. With Dirty Potato Chips, this is something you don’t have to worry about. All the ingredients come from natural sources, and can be pronounced by anyone, including babies.

Nutrition facts on back of Mesquite Bar-B-Que Dirty Potato Chips.

Nutrition facts on back of Mesquite Bar-B-Que Dirty Potato Chips.

Don’t let the name Dirty Potato Chips fool you. Yes, they might be dirty with the way they use very attractive colors, and a name you can’t ignore. They are dirty, by using all-natural ingredients, and making sure they are premium, causing you to eat them furiously. In fact, they are so dirty that you will buy them and not even know why you did, until you are seduced by their awesome taste and addictive crunch. If this is what they mean by being dirty, is that such a bad thing? After-all, who doesn’t like their potato chips dirty if that means having a superior taste, crunch, and all-natural ingredients that keep you begging for more? With that kind of dirt, I say, give me more! Now let’s get Dirty, Potato Chips I Mean!

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