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Lessons Learned, Positive Thinking, And Being Grateful

On this dark, cold, dreary night, I’m going to have a deep, meaningful chat with you urbanites. So, grab a snack, a hot cup of coffee, and relax. The title of this post is called “Lessons Learned, Positive Thinking, And Being Grateful.” With a title like that, you know this conversation is going to be deep. 


Lessons Learned During This Difficult Year

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Writing the next chapter of my life.

As you all know by now, this has been a very difficult and eye-opening year for me. For those that read my post “Writing The Next Chapter Of My Life,” you understand exactly what occurred.


When I wrote that post, I was in a very emotional state of mind. All types of feelings were running through me. Intense anger followed by deep regret.


There were many things about my job that I loved, and hated. I loved the driving and the customers. Driving all over, seeing different parts of the city was incredible. Meeting people from all over, and hearing their stories was educational.


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Listening To Others’ Life Stories Can Also Provide Some Great Lessons Learned

Everyone has a unique life story to tell, if only we listen carefully enough. That’s when you realize that everyone has their joys, struggles, along with hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, we forget about the hopes and dreams we had when we were kids.


Why does this happen? As kids, we had so many dreams and ideas. We weren’t afraid to think up crazy and new ideas. According to us, the world was a great big playground waiting to be explored, and changed. No dreams were too big to conquer.


Society Has Conditioned Us To Stop Dreaming, and We Were No Longer Provided With Lessons Learned

The problem is that we were conditioned by society to stop dreaming. We were constantly told “no.” That we had to follow rules or be punished. To go to school, and eventually college where we were brainwashed to become loyal employees.


At school, we were repeatedly told that employers look for certain skills. If we didn’t develop those important skills, our value to society would decrease. As a result, we’d be unemployed, and looked down upon by our peers.


Being Unemployed Provided A Lot Of Lessons Learned

Footsteps leading away from unemployment.
Footsteps leading away from unemployment.

Being unemployed can cause stress, depression, and lack of self-worth. I know because I’ve been there. For the longest time, I told myself that I’d never be unemployed, but my greatest fear still came true.


When I wrote my post “What 26 Days Of Being Unemployed Taught Me,” I expressed how I felt about the unfortunate situation. At least, then I felt it was bad.


Since then, I’ve changed my views on this. During my time unemployed, I was able to reflect upon the negative feelings I was having. To find my true self-worth, and what I truly believe in and value.


The problem is that I went from a dreamer as a child, to a corporate robot as an adult. I was afraid to think outside the corporate box, and break a few rules.


In college I had a dream to start my own business, and work for myself. It was a great dream, except for one small problem.


Lessons Learned Made Me Realize I Was a Caged Lion Ready to Pounce

Me standing at end of Veterans Memorial bridge.
Me standing at end of Veterans Memorial bridge.

I never followed through with such an amazing plan. Instead, I entered the daily rat race, just like everyone else. Every day I ran out of the house, marched along with the rest of the corporate drones, and accepted it as a fact of life.


During the whole time I worked for corporate America, I felt like a caged lion ready to pounce at any moment. Feeling smothered and overly controlled, I felt like I was capable of so much more.


In high school, I was programming robots. As soon as I left high school, I jumped straight into college. I’ll never forget how hard the teachers and counselors pushed us into going to college. Now that I think about it, I should have waited for a few years.

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Doing What You Love Will Also Provide More Lessons Learned

Assets make money and liabilities cost you money.
Assets make money and liabilities cost you money.

During my college years, I was working at Bally Total Fitness. At first I was performing janitorial work, keeping the lockers and workout facility squeaky clean. From there, I progressed to maintaining the workout equipment.


By time I left, I was practically running the whole workout facilities downstairs. I loved bodybuilding, and was a fanatic about it at one point. The gym environment was perfect for me. Working there provided me with proper equipment and a free membership.


Instead of going back to college, I should have pursued sales, and eventually opening my own gym. The biggest regret is not opening my own business. The fear to do so is.

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From Lessons Learned to Positive Thinking

The lessons learned along the way is that, we are our own worst enemies. We take those years of conditioning forced upon us, and tell ourselves we aren’t capable of achieving our goals.


Fear prevents us from dreaming, acting upon those dreams, and actually succeeding.


Many of us were born into tough economic situations. Our parents were poor, working deadend jobs to support us. Watching our parents struggle, engraved into our brains that we’re suppose to do the same.


Starting a business seems like too great of a risk, because we don’t know anything about entrepreneurship. We tell ourselves that it takes money to start a business, and if it fails, we lose everything.


Lessons Learned to Positive Thinking Stops Us From Continuing Our Vicious Cycle of Self Destruction

This causes us to stay within our safe zone, even though we’re miserable. No matter how much we suffer, we don’t make any moves to change the situation.


How do we change this destructive way of thinking? We change it by identifying the root of the problem, and eliminating it.


This problem won’t disappear over night. It’s going to take dedication to establish a new way of thinking, and positive habits that follow.


Negative thinking comes from comparing our situation to an image in our head. In our head, we believe that we should be in a different place entirely. We should be making more money. Working at a job that we completely love. Even owning a business that earns us millions.


Instead of living in dreary Rochester, New York, we should be on a tropical cruise somewhere, not worrying about how much it costs.


If we all had our way, we’d all wake up whenever we felt like it. Never have to work again, and have unlimited time with family and the ones we love.


Lessons Learned, and Positive Thinking Leads to Being Grateful

Unfortunately, these things don’t happen by chance. You have to make your dreams come true, and the only way to make that happen is to be grateful. Grateful for being alive. To wake up every day with another chance to accomplish your goals. To be provided with opportunities, that you just have to be willing to take.


How do you take opportunities? You have to seek them out, by developing the skills necessary to identify them.


None of us were born with these special skills. We all have to learn them by surrounding ourselves with people who are smart and more knowledgeable. Successful people have faced the same struggles that were all going through. The difference is that they chose to think big, and never give up on their dreams.


There are going to be many times when you feel like giving up. It will feel like you’re not getting ahead no matter how hard you’re working.


In Conclusion, Everything That’s Worth Pursuing Will be Tough and Seem Impossible

How to start a successful blog.
How to start a successful blog.

Even as much as I love my blog, I’ve thought about giving up at times. Traffic was low and earnings were down. My blog was quieter than a ghost town.


Then I thought about how much family and loved ones mean to me. I wouldn’t be just letting myself down, but them also. All the hard work that I put in would be lost. The sleepless nights and leisure time sacrificed would be all for nothing.


Plus, I’d never be able to live the life that I’ve always dreamed of having. That life would be, taking care of loved ones instead of focusing on buying material possessions. And giving back, by helping others who are less fortunate.


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