The Dahon Curl, one of Dahon’s newest folding bicycles and smallest folding ever, all folded up and ready to go anywhere.
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Dahon, the incredible bicycle that folds!

Dahon Folding Bikes Changed The Industry

Dahon folding bicycles is a brand that really stands out among all the others.


They are known for exceptional innovation, amazing quality and incredible prices.


Before Dahon folding bicycles were founded, folding bicycles were very unreliable, rode horribly, and were extremely heavy.


Fortunately, a man named Dr. David T. Hon along with his brother Henry Hon saw a need to invent a bicycle that was small enough to fit under a train seat.


This need came about when Dr. David T. Hon commuting to and from UCLA in the 70s to earn his PhD in physics: every day, had to remove the wheel of his bike to stuff it into his car parked far away on campus.


Dr. David T. Hon was way ahead of his time and saw the need for “green folding transportation,” and how it was the future of urban transportation.


At first, he tried to get the established bicycle manufacturers to come on board, but none had the same passion or vision for such a niche product.


Instead, with the help of his younger brother Henry Hon, they acquired the funding they needed, and decided to build the bikes themselves. I recommend you read this incredible story in detail.


I’ve also included an amazing video below that shows how this incredible story began.


Dahon Folding Bikes Are The Market Leader

After test riding half-dozen models, I was very impressed.


Dahon is the largest and oldest modern folding bicycle company in the world, and for good reason: they are innovators that lead the market with their developments in new materials, designs and patents that 98% of all other folding bike manufacturers have copied over the years.


The Dahon Vigor P9 is a folding bicycle built for speed with nine gears and a super stiff frame.
The Dahon Vigor P9 is a folding bicycle built for speed with nine gears and a super stiff frame.


Dahon folding bicycles makes bikes for every type of rider from the racer, the train hopper, boater, and urban commuter.


Every model that I tested felt very sturdy, and not like they were going to crumble underneath me. The locking mechanisms are very solid, but still easy to use.


Dahon also has a modern look to all their folding bicycles, with top-notch components supplied by Shimano.


Everything from the brakes to the gears all work very smoothly, quietly, and respond very quickly.


They climb hills just as easily as a regular-sized bicycle. And offer exceptional control when going around corners, despite their small wheels.


They actually ride like standard bicycles that just happen to fold.


But don’t just take my word for it. See what the experts on folding bikes have to say.


Dahon Folding Bicycles Are Incredibly Durable

There’s no need to worry about long term durability. A good friend of mine has had a Dahon Mariner D7 for over eleven years.


You can tell that it has a lot of miles on it and has been banged around a bit.


Even with the paint all worn out and scratched badly there are no cracks or dents in the aluminum frame.


Also it has never had any problems with the components at all. The derailleur hasn’t even needed adjustment, though he’s been through many sets of tires since owning it.


Plus Dahon is constantly innovating by producing better models all the time.



Dahon Mariner

Dahon Folding Bikes Make Your Life Easier

Dahon folding bicycles are the best investment that you’ll ever make.


They will eat up your daily commute just like a regular sized bicycle.


Once you get to work you can fold it up and put it underneath your desk. At the restaurant and home can be stored completely out-of-the-way.


They are also an exceptional travel companion by being allowed on buses, trains and even planes.


The Dahon Mariner is Dahon’s best selling folding bicycle and has won many years in a row as best folding bicycle ever.
The Dahon Mariner is Dahon’s best selling folding bicycle and has won many years in a row as best folding bicycle ever.

Dahon Folding Bicycles Are Truly Incredible

Dahon folding bicycles offers high quality models that will last for many years at a shocking price.


They have been in the folding bicycle business for many years with a great reputation for providing what their customers want.


Dahon is the market leader for folding bicycles and nobody is taking that title away from them anytime soon.



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