Im-PRESS-ive Coffee!

Coffee! The smell of fresh grounds brewing. Sounds of coffee splashing into cups. When it comes to coffee it’s a serious matter and I’m very harsh, quickly to scrutinize everything about it when visiting any coffee shop. Get it wrong just once and I’ll never go back, no excuses. There’s been times when I stopped at a new coffee shop and asked for a cup only to be deeply disappointed with badly brewed mud that also sat for hours, resulting in pure garbage. Why anybody would buy it puzzles me and to return, has to be pure crazy or has no taste buds at all.

The first time I walked into Press Coffee I was prepared to not only think the same way but also ready to tell the owner how horrible his coffee was and to brew a fresh pot. After this type of taste bud punishment happens so many times it makes you go into automatic coffee offense mode. Then something happened so magical I couldn’t wait to go back and tell everybody I know with relief. Not only did the coffee smell amazing it actually tasted incredible. I was very impressed and after letting others try it they were hooked also.

Press Coffee has really impressed me

As you can tell I’m a huge coffee junky. I think I naturally developed a huge liking to coffee due to my Italian heritage. My grandfather was from Rome, Italy and my mother took completely after him with a total obsession for the best tasting coffee she can find. The coffee has to be fresh roasted and brewed right or I can assure you it will be brought right back. Press coffee not only met up to my high expectations but also exceeded them. Each sip went down so smoothly and it felt like heaven flowing through my veins.

Each time I went back I became more of a coffee snob and didn’t want to go anywhere else for coffee. The commercial coffee shops tasted watered down, and the expensive places made my taste buds cry due to being too dark roasted and burnt from sitting for too many hours. Finally, after looking for the holy grail of coffee shops my search was over. Every morning on my way to work I would make it a point to stop and get a cup, and after work when I had time before my bus left I’d be found sipping on a cup of liquid heaven.

Coffee at Press coffee.

Coffee at Press coffee.

Press Coffee uses the best coffee beans

During this time I got to know the owner very well and realized that he was a coffee expert that enjoyed his coffee just as much as I did. He could roast coffee beans to perfection and make you any kind of coffee drink you desired. As I became closer friends with this coffee expert I learned so much about coffee that I never imagined existed. He explained to me that there are only two types of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica. The Arabica has a smoother richer taste while the Robusta is more bitter and contains more caffeine. When coffee says it’s from Columbia or some other country it’s just different types of beans that are still from either of those two categories. And when it’s called light, medium or dark roast it’s just how long the beans are roasted called pops. Light roast is one pop. Medium roast is two pops. And dark roast is three pops, but most of the time ruins the beans natural oils resulting in a burnt and unpleasant taste. The best roast to drink is medium roast which still has that dark rich taste, but doesn’t leave a bitter burnt after-taste.

Open sign in window at Press Coffee.

Open sign in window at Press Coffee.

The day the owner sold Press Coffee I was very disappointed and concerned. Would the new owner stop using the more expensive, higher quality Arabica beans? How long would the shop stay open before he realized that he couldn’t run it and shut it down? There was also the issue of would I like the new owner? I decided to give the new guy a chance and after getting to know him I realized that he was not only a really nice and decent guy but was truly dedicated to making Press Coffee succeed. At first it was rocky as he made a few changes and worked on getting things organized but over time I really came to like the guy and consider him a true friend. And he really got good at roasting coffee beans and brewing fresh coffee to perfection. Me and a few people who I know call him the coffee freak in a good way because he truly makes the best cup of coffee in the city at a phenomenal price.

Press coffee makes you feel at home

Customer service is another reason I love Press Coffee. Every time I go there I’m greeted with a smile and friendly words. The guy has a great personality and I like sitting down with him and holding a conversation every chance I get. I feel very comfortable talking to him about many topics and asking for advice because he usually gives great answers to my questions. A few times I picked his brain about business and you can tell that the guy really knows what he’s talking about and the positivity that comes out of him is also very encouraging. If this guy ever fails at making and selling coffee, which I doubt he will, he’d make a great mentor.

Coffee is something that we all take for granted and don’t realize is so neglected when it comes to roasting and brewing because we’re all so use to drinking whatever is sold at all the commercial shops. Never, do we question what we’re getting for our money because every single one of us is in a rush and don’t realize how horrible the coffee usually is that we’re pouring down our throats. Plus we all love coffee but know so little about it. Before I went to Press Coffee I didn’t know anything about the types of beans or the ways that they’re roasted and brewed. As soon as I learned about all this information it was like in the scene of the Matrix where Neil had to choose between the red or the blue pill. Obviously you can tell which pill I would have chosen or in this case, coffee bean.

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