A bike quick release axle is one of those bike parts that are very important, but never really thought about much. They hold the wheels onto our bikes. And they allow us to easily remove and install the wheels, when needed.

In this featured video by BikeBlogger, you will learn all about how to take care of your bike’s quick release axles, so that they don’t fail you on your daily commutes. Or your long journeys far away from home.

Here’s what BikeBlogger will be covering in this video on “How To Lubricate a Bike Quick Release Axle”

  1. Drop of oil on the cam (lever pivot)
  2. Grease the threads of the axle rod
  3. Light layer of grease on the axle rod

A lubricated cam allows for a stronger hold.

Grease does attract dirt, but it also prevents rust/corrosion. Use a light layer.

NOTE: Same applies to thru axles.

TIP: Do not use an exposed cam (external cam) quick release on horizontal (sliding forward) dropouts. Use a good enclosed cam (internal cam) quick release skewer like Shimano for a better hold.

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