In today’s featured video, Two Wheel Cruise is going to tell you how to lock your bike – the right way!

It’s important, no matter where you live or commute to, to keep it safe from theft. Having a great lock is a great first step. But if you still don’t lock it right, it’s easy for any thief to steel it within seconds.

Here’s what Two Wheel Cruise has to say in this featured video, on how to lock your bike – the right way!

What is the best way to lock a bike? In this video, I will go through the basic steps on now to properly lock your bike for beginners.

STEP 1 – Get a lock ( a u-lock is the most common and very strong)

NOTE: in this video, we are reviewing the U-lock from Via Velo.

STEP 2 – Find a good location to lock it to

-well lit, near cameras is best.

-something very stable with closed ends that cannot be removed.

STEP 3 – Attach most valuable sections first

-First connection should be frame and the rear wheel

-Second connection should cover your front wheel.

STEP 4 – Double check everything

-remove any accessories (lights, computer, etc)


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