How To Fly With A Bike By Kelsey Leigh! Today, I’m featuring a video from Kelsey Leigh.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to travel with a bike. Unless you own a few folding bikes such as me, a Tern Link D8 and Brompton 2-speed, traveling with a bike can be a huge challenge.

Do you buy a travel bag or box for your bike? Or do you use a regular cardboard box, that you throw away when you arrive at your destination?

Kelsey Leigh has traveled a few times with her bike, and in this video she gives some helpful tips.

Here’s how you fly with a bike

In this video, Kelsey Leigh offers the following tips:

  • How to pack your personal belongings.
  • When to use a regular bike bag for travel versus a cardboard box.
  • How to find a cardboard box.
  • Getting your bike ready for travel.
  • Avoiding extra airline fees.
  • And what to do with the box once arriving at your destination.

Kelsey Leigh also mentioned how some airlines charge extra fees. After doing a little research, here’s the airlines that are best and worst for traveling with a bike, according to

  1. Alaska Airlines-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd):$30/$40/$100 Bike Fee: None
  2. Delta Airlines-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd):$30/$40/$150 Bike Fee: None
  3. American Airlines-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd):$30/$40/$150 Bike Fee: $30
  4. Southwest Airlines-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd): None (2 bags free) Bike Fee: None
  5. JetBlue-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd):$30/$40/$150 Bike Fee: $100 (in addition to bag fee)
  6. Frontier Airlines-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd): $30-$95 Bike Fee: $75
  7. Spirit Airlines-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd): $28-$100 Bike Fee: $75
  8. United Airlines-standard bag fees(1st/2nd/3rd): $30/$40/$150 Bike Fee: $None

Im also including some quick tips, compliment of

What you need to know

  • Each airline is different as some charge a fee for taking your bike on the plane. Others will include it in your normal baggage allowance.
  • You will need to make sure your bike is properly packed in a bike bag or a bike box. In some cases you can use a cardboard box, but check with your airline.
  • You will need to take your bike apart.
  • Some airlines require you to tell them in advance that you will be traveling with your bike.

How to pack your bike for a flight

  • Remove your pedals.
  • Remove your wheels and deflate your tires.
  • Turn your handle bars around.
  • Optional: Remove the rear derailleur. This is the most delicate part of a bike. Some cyclists advise to remove it and keep it packed separately. This is due to many people finding their rear derailleur bent or not functioning properly.
  • Make sure you pack your toolkit!

And as promise, the super useful video by Kelsey Leigh.

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