HALT dog repellent spray! After being chased by the neighbors dog multiple times last year, I finally had enough. At first, the dog would only bark and growl. But over time, became much more aggressive. Whenever I walked or bicycled down the street, he would try to sneak up from behind me. As soon as I turned around he ran away. Eventually that stopped too, with him just standing his ground and lunging at me. The day he chased me down the street on my bicycle was the day I decided I needed a non lethal form of protection. That form of protection is called HALT! Dog Repellent Spray.

Dog Repellent Spray Is Easy To Use

Just like mace, it’s sprayed into the eyes and nose of an attacking dog from up to ten feet away. This stings the dogs eyes and nose without completely blinding him. What this does is stops the dog from continuing his attack and any future ones. And after about forty minutes the effects wear off with no permanent damage. Plus, it also leaves an orange residue that allows law enforcement to find dogs that are illegally running around with no leash.

Dog Repellent Spray Is Totally Legal

What I like about the HALT! Dog Repellent Spray is that it’s not only easy to carry around, but also legal. As long as you use it in a way that’s consistent with it’s label, you’ll have no problems. Plus, it makes me feel better knowing that the dog won’t suffer from any long-term side effects.

Spray button on HALT! Dog Repellent Spray
Spray button on HALT! Dog Repellent Spray

Provides Personal Safety

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been chased by a dog. Many years ago, there was a dog on the street that would chase everybody. One day I was riding my bicycle to work, and he chased me around the corner to the main street. Luckily there wasn’t any traffic coming. It’s a proven fact that when you’re under stress, your fine motor skills deteriorate and you get tunnel vision. This can be a very dangerous situation because you won’t be as alert as when you’re calm. It’s much easier to crash or get ran over. The dog chasing you also has a higher chance or getting hit too.

HALT dog repellent spray is one of the many accessories that I carry on a daily basis. It not only prevents wild, out of control dogs from attacking me, it also does it in a non lethal way. Plus, HALT! Dog Repellent Spray is very easy and affordable to buy from places such as Amazon.

Benefits of Dog Repellent Spray

  • Halt is easy to use.
  • It’s totally legal.
  • Halt is effective against aggressive dogs.
  • Provides personal safety and peace of mind.
  • Very affordable.
  • Easy to carry.

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