A box of Go Raw chocolate on store shelf.
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How Did This Chocolate Get So Raw?

How Raw Can You Get?

Let’s get Super Raw with chocolate! No, not that kind of raw. I know chocolate can set the mood for a romantic night, but let’s just focus on the chocolate for now. Then, later you can focus on the romance. Deal?

I’m not going to start off this review like I usually do. Instead I’m going to tell you how I discovered this amazing brand, and how much I like it. Whenever I go into a store I have a great time looking around and exploring. I love to see what kind of brands and unique products they offer. This reminds me of when Block Buster video use to be in business.

There was nothing like going into the store and physically picking out the movies we wanted to watch. We would get to find out what was about to come out, along with what was new at the time. And then could socialize with other patrons and the staff. Many times we would ask the staff their opinions on the new movies, and end up having a lengthy conversation about them.

Where To Find Go Raw Chocolate

Of course, we can no longer do that with the video tapes, but can absolutely do that with the food products that were purchasing. One such store that I truly enjoy, and go to quite a bit is Hart’s Local Grocers. Since they opened up in 2014 I’ve been going there ever since. The staff has always been very friendly, and I’ve gotten to know many of them very well.

There are many times when I’ll go buy a few items, and will usually end up talking to them for quite a while. Instead of being just a shopping adventure, it usually turns into a social gathering. During lunch I use to eat alone, but now people I know will always show up, and join me for lunch. Now I always have lots of company.

A piece of Go Raw chocolate in the wrapper.
A piece of Go Raw chocolate in the wrapper.

Go Raw chocolate is a great brand that I discovered at Hart’s Local Grocers. Usually I’m not into vegan food, but it looked like a very healthy option of chocolate. And if I didn’t like it, I just wouldn’t buy it anymore.

Go Raw chocolate Is Healthy, I Promise

After lunch I was in the mood for some healthy dessert, and decided that it would be a great time to see how this new chocolate tasted.

Box of Go Raw chocolate.
Box of Go Raw chocolate.

Inside this little box is about six small pieces all nicely wrapped in red. We slowly opened them, and stared at them for about five minutes, admiring them, before eating them. Ok, maybe we didn’t stare and admire them but we did notice how moist and soft they were. They tasted like a brownie, and was very moist with a slight crumble to them. For being vegan friendly, and containing only two ingredients, they actually were very good.

Go Raw chocolate has all organic ingredients.
Go Raw chocolate has all organic ingredients.

Don’t Let Go Raw Ingredients Fool You

Most of the time I will pass by a product for being vegan, gluten free, and promising to taste great. Usually they just taste plain awful. This time I took a chance, and it definitely paid off. I’ll still buy my usual brand of chocolate, Endangered Species. Just now, I’ll have a different brand with a different taste, that can add a bit of variety.

A piece of Go Raw chocolate.
A piece of Go Raw chocolate.

Sometimes I’ll discover products that I like while going on shopping adventures. There’s only been a couple times when I tried something that I definitely wouldn’t buy again. In this case, it wasn’t one of them. So yes, I’ll being going back for seconds, thirds, fourths and so on because I like Go Raw chocolate a lot. And now you’re allowed to go run off and think about romance after you buy some of this chocolate.

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