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Get Customizably Wild And Crazy At Arena’s On East Avenue

You’re Going To Love Arena’s On East Avenue

PsssT! Yes, you. I have a secret to tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. I hear you’re looking for a place to buy unique, one of a kind items, to customize the look of your homes interior. Well, today you’re in luck, because I know of an amazing store on East Avenue, that you’ll go wild and crazy over. The name of this store is called Arena’s, and is a place I could visit for hours.


Arena’s Parking Lot Is Small, But Don’t Let That Fool You

Similar to many other businesses located around the Downtown Rochester, New York area, the parking lot is terrible.


For a place that seems to always be busy, the parking lot is the size of a place mat. After multiple maneuvers, and lots of struggling, we finally found a spot, where the fat Buick fit.


Old fashioned pulley with hook and rope.
Old fashioned pulley with hook and rope.


Fortunately, the inside of the store is amazing, and has items that cannot be found anywhere else. On the first floor, there’s a dizzying amount of items, that I have no idea what they are.


Huge steel pulley on rope.
Huge steel pulley on rope.


All I can tell your is that, there were a few items that I liked so much, I was very tempted to buy them, with no idea about where I’d put them. One such item was this vintage looking lamp, with a bulb that looked like something Thomas Edison created. All this lamp had was a base, and a huge bulb on top, that lit up just like the old Thomas Edison bulbs that are still burning, after 100 years.


Large old fashioned bulb.
Large old fashioned bulb.


I’m sure these bulbs don’t last that long, but it’s no big deal, because Arena’s sells what looks like an unlimited supply of replacement bulbs.


Two old fashioned lamps one big and another small.
Two old fashioned lamps one big and another small.


There were two different sized lamps, with one being bigger than the other. Due to a lack of room at home, and liking the look of the smaller one, I wouldn’t have to buy the larger one.


Louie Was Amazed With The Stuff That Arena’s Sells And Couldn’t Help But Touch Every Item He Saw

As you probably know by now, Louie is a good friend of mine. We’ve visited a lot of new and interesting places in Rochester, New York.


Sampled different kinds of Food, from multiple Restaurants , including some great Italian Pizza.


And tried some of the best, and worst tasting Coffee, you could ever imagine.


Statue at Arena's store.
Statue at Arena’s store.


On this particular day, and time, we were both running around Arena’s like two big kids in a toy store. Louie actually got so excited, he couldn’t keep his hands off anything he saw. In a way I can’t blame him, because I was intrigued by a lot of the stuff they sell also.


Porcelain jars with designs on them.
Porcelain jars with designs on them.


My mom joined us on this cheerful, fun, and wild day, and was worried that Louie might break something, like he did at an antique store recently. Every few seconds my mom was in panic mode, yelling at Louie to please stop touching stuff.


A mini porcelain man in glass case.
A mini porcelain man in glass case.


It actually reminded me of a mother yelling at her child to behave.

Arena’s Sells Some Wild Funky Stuff

Arena’s sells everything from glass items, furniture, decorations, to even items made of cloth, such as pillows and towels.


A couple of pillows with designs on them.
A couple of pillows with designs on them.


There were many items, that I didn’t even know the name of, or what they are used for. All I knew was they were unique, and could allow someone to go wild and crazy while decorating their home.

The Upstairs Part Of Arena’s Was Even More Unique Than The Downstairs Part

As all three of us climbed the funky stairs to get to the upstairs part, we noticed that the items also got more unique and rare.


Hand welded floor lamp with old fashioned bulb.
Hand welded floor lamp with old fashioned bulb.


The furniture got brighter and bolder. We saw lamps that looked like they belonged in an old Adams Family style mansion.


Colorful chair with green and white blanket.
Colorful chair with green and white blanket.


And there were decorations that reminded me of being in an old town in the Wild West.


Very unique item carved out of wood.
Very unique item carved out of wood.


One particular item that stood out the most was this realistic looking Owl. I’m not particularly infatuated with Owls, but my sister is deeply in love with them, and collects them. You should see her room. As soon as you walk in, all you see is Owls everywhere. She has so many Owls, she could literally start an owl museum.


Large fake owl at Arena's store.
Large fake owl at Arena’s store.


I was very tempted to buy this Owl for her, but my mom worked like crazy to convince me not to, and somehow she succeeded.


My Mom Somehow Got Very Interested In The Fabric Section Of The Store, And Was Asking This Very Friendly And Knowledgeable Employee Questions

Anything my mom asked her, this lady knew the answer.


While most employees would have gotten impatient, and irritable with answering so many questions, this young lady kept her composer.


Shelves full of clothes and blankets.
Shelves full of clothes and blankets.


Sometimes my mom can get a little carried away with asking questions, even though she means no harm. She just likes to do her research before making a purchase, to assure she’s getting her money’s worth.


Gold colored bug on decorated drift wood.
Gold colored bug on decorated drift wood.


Plus, as I stated earlier, the items in the store were so unique, we sometimes didn’t know what they were.


Arena’s Is Expensive, But The Items Are Unique, And Hard To Find, And They Have Great Customer Service

Have you ever walked into a Walmart store to find information about a product, only to leave disappointed?


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve asked for help in these types of cheap stores. The employees either ignore you, or never return with the information to the question you asked them.


Or if they do try to help you, they have no idea what they’re talking about.


In places like this, you get no customer support, and nobody is an expert at anything.


Plus, let’s be truthful here, the products at these cheap, discount stores are mostly mass-produced junk.


Arena’s on the other hand was the complete opposite. Every staff member we met approached us with a smile, and was very helpful.


I’m not sure if they get any special training, but they all seemed to know the products that they sell very well. Whenever we asked any type of question, they had a very detailed answer.


And if they didn’t have the answer, they would immediately go find someone who did, and actually return within a short period.


Arena’s Would Be The Place I’d Go If I Was A Professional Interior Decorator

If I was a professional interior decorator, I’d definitely go to Arena’s to buy unique items. Just think about the amount of positive damage I could do while decorating your home.


Big gold colored skull on top of table.
Big gold colored skull on top of table.


This store would allow me to go wild, and crazy while customizing the look of your home.


Of course, I’m no professional interior decorator, and all the best, unique items in the world won’t help with that. All I know about is what I like and what works for me.


And I’m sure you know what you like, and what works best for your own personal style also.


Let’s Do A Little Recap Here

  • Arena’s has hard to find items.
  • Has a large variety.
  • Offers unique items not found anywhere else.
  • Very tempting to buy something.
  • Has excellent service.
  • Can decorate your whole house.

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