White swan at Seneca park zoo.
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Gentle Teddy Bear At Seneca Park Pond

Impossible Journey To The Seneca Park Pond

The Seneca Park Pond has a magical feeling to it. It’s a place you can sit for hours while watching geese fight for bread. And once in a while you can see fish pop up, and pluck feathers from Daffy Duck. Ok, maybe I watched too many cartoons while growing up, making the Daffy Duck part untrue. But there are many Chinese Geese, ducks, fish, and even turtles. It’s an amazing place where people go to have cookouts, play music and relax.


White swan at Seneca park zoo.
White swan at Seneca park zoo.


Our journey to the Seneca Park Pond started like every other typical adventure. My dad is not only the most stubborn man on the East Coast, he’s also the most impatient. Watching him swerve in and out of traffic, and running stop signs is a terrifying sight to see. One moment he’s next to you, the next he’s on the opposite side of the road. Riding against traffic, of course. This guy gets more fired up than a NASCAR race car. Not only does he ride fast and unpredictably, he cannot sit anywhere for too long. The man definitely has the attention span of a tick.


Birds in zoo park.
Birds in zoo park.

Arriving At Seneca Park Pond

Once we dodged moon crater sized pot holes. Navigated twisting steep roads. And watched dad terrorize poor drivers on the road, we finally made it. It was a sunny day with a light breeze, and very quiet. We were the only two around, except for a few people walking around the track, that circles the pond. It was so quiet that you could have heard a duck fart, if that’s possible.


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The Seneca Park Pond Tamed My Dad

What felt like an eternity, was only an hour. Around this time, I figured dad would be bored, and in a frantic rush to leave. To my surprise, he wanted to stay. Not only did he love the place, he wanted to go more often. I hardly knew who this guy was at the moment. It’s like he went from a big vicious grizzly bear, to a cuddly gentle teddy bear. Was my dad abducted by aliens and replaced with a fake?


Seneca park zoo bird.
Seneca park zoo bird.


I think the animals could sense it also. The fish jumped out of the water, and looked as if they were waving at him. Strange sounds were coming from the bushes, as if they were calling his name. Even the Chinese Geese ran to him like cattle, while we were throwing bread. At one point I thought a few were going to jump into his arms, with him petting and hugging them. They even followed him to the bench. Imagine Paddington bear sitting on a bench, while hugging all the wild birds.


Quiet pond at Seneca park zoo.
Quiet pond at Seneca park zoo.

Lessons From Seneca Park Pond

It proves that peace and quiet combined with something new, can be exactly what the Doctor ordered. My dad is an impatient and excessively wound up guy. Everything has to be now or else. That all changed after he spent a little time down at the Seneca Park Pond. He became as gentle as the bear in the Charming toilet paper commercials. Now sprinkle in a little bicycle action, something that he loves, and you have a winning combination.


No Teddy Bears Were Harmed During The Writing Of This Post


Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • Seneca Park Pond has ducks and geese.
  • Dad is an impatient man.
  • Rode down winding roads.
  • Seneca Park Pond calmed dad down.
  • Theres fish in the pond.
  • Used the bicycles to get there.

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