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Folding Bicycles Are The Future

Folding Bicycles Are For Commuting

Folding bicycles aren’t just a niche that will eventually fade away. And definitely not only meant for travel. They are the future of personal transportation. As cities continue to grow, traffic will become more congested. More commuters will discover the benefits of taking the bus or train. Commuting will not only be less stressful but also way cheaper. No more waiting in bumper to bumper traffic or paying high gas prices.


Folding Bicycles Combine With Public Transportation

Here’s where they excel over regular bicycles. Most buses only have a few racks to put full-sized bicycles. And many trains only allow them at certain hours. Also, the bus or train doesn’t always bring you all the way to your desired destination, known as “The Last Mile”.


Back of bus close to bus stop.
Back of bus close to bus stop.


Folding bicycles are always allowed on buses and trains. All you do is unfold them and ride to the bus stop. There’s no need to worry about full bus racks or packed trains. And when you’re done, unfold, and finish the rest of your commute. Also there’s no need to pay for expensive taxi cabs.


Folding Bicycles Solve Storage Problems

At home I keep my folding bicycles stored in the basement where it’s dry. When I had my hybrid bicycle, storage wasn’t easy. I had to keep it parked in the back room right in front of the entrance. After a few years of struggling to get in and out, the hybrid had to go. It was an amazing bicycle, and I did miss it for a while. But the folding bicycle eventually filled that void.


Folding Bicycles Ride Exceptionally

At first I was like most people who see a folding bicycle for the first time. I was skeptical of how it would ride, and the durability over the long-term. Here’s the truth. My folding bicycle has not only met my expectations, it exceeded them. It not only rides as good as a regular bicycle, there’s been zero problems. I ride it just as much as I did the hybrid, up hills and through wind. Not once have I walked up a hill. And after getting use to the steering, it’s way better for quick navigation through the city. Plus the suspension block smooths out the bumps in the road, despite the sixteen inch wheels.


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Folding Bicycles Are Versatile

I mostly use my bicycle for commuting and socializing, but sometimes I use it for adventures. The benefit is that they can go places you could never go with a car. You can take shortcuts where there’s no roads. And stop to enjoy the scenery. A perfect example of this is the day I decided to check out some mysterious abandoned steps.


Every time I passed these mysterious abandoned steps I wondered where they led to. Finally, one day my curiosity got the best of me. I grabbed my folding bicycle by the carry handle and proceeded up the steps. When I got to the top I was amazed. I saw a grassy area surrounding by trees that looked like they once overshadowed a building. And a cement slab that might have held a light post.


Looking up towards old abandoned steps next to Veterans Memorial Bridge.
Looking up towards old abandoned steps next to Veterans Memorial Bridge.


When I finished exploring I proceeded across the Veterans Memorial Bridge to meet for coffee. All I had to do was fold it up, bring it inside, and grab a table. There was no need to worry about where I was going to lock it. Just like every other place I’ve been, my folding bicycle has been allowed inside. Restaurants, stores, doctors appointments, and trunks of friends cars. My Folding Bicycle is always with me, safe from theft and weather. After the coffee shop we decided to catch the bus and head downtown to the Frog Pond. Again, my Folding Bicycle saved the day.


Let’s Have A Little Recap Here

  • Folding bicycles are for city commuting.
  • Can easily be brought on trains or buses.
  • Stores away easily at home.
  • Allowed in restaurants and stores.
  • Safe from theft.
  • Doesn’t have to be left outside.

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