Fettuccine pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms and blackened chicken at Phillips European Restaurant.

Family And Friends At Phillips European Restaurant

Every day my favorite radio station legends 102.7 has a contest called, today’s impossible question. For as long as I can remember, my buddy Louie, Mom, and myself have tried to win it. We’d either have the right answer but couldn’t get through the line. Or have the wrong answer when we did. Finally after all this time, I was able to do both and win an incredible surprise. I won a gift card to Phillips European Restaurant and it was everything that I imagined it to be.


Phillips European Restaurant.
Phillips European Restaurant.


Located at 26 Corporate Woods in Henrietta, getting to Phillips European Restaurant was a drive, but well worth it.  For the longest time we’ve been hearing about how great the food and atmosphere is at this restaurant and couldn’t wait to give it a try.


Phillips European Restaurant.
Phillips European Restaurant.


As we pulled up upon the place, we all rushed to find the entrance with extreme excitement.


Sign outside Phillips European Restaurant.
Sign outside Phillips European Restaurant.


Plastered on the front windows was the name with a sign showing the special of the day. Louie insisted that I take a picture before entering.


Phillips European Restaurant Usually Requires Reservations

Immediately upon entering, we were asked if we had a reservation but was still seated because it was an unusually slow time for them. What stood out the most while walking to our table was the unique way the place was nicely decorated, and how clean everything was. There was not one crumb on the table or floor.


I also noticed how clean the bathrooms were when I went to use them, which truly put my mind at ease.


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Phillips European Restaurant Has Outstanding Customer Service

Our waitress was exceptionally fantastic with getting our orders taken and coming around to check on us every so often. Everything we ordered was not only correct but tasted phenomenal.


Fettuccine pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms and blackened chicken at Phillips European Restaurant.
Fettuccine pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms and blackened chicken at Phillips European Restaurant.


I think that I teased poor Louie and mom because they ordered the same thing that I did. All three of us ordered the Fettuccine wide pasta, but only mom and myself added the tomatoes, mushrooms and blackened chicken. Louie stuck with the basic pasta and only sprinkled some grated cheese.


Coffee at Phillips European Restaurant.
Coffee at Phillips European Restaurant.


Our waitress was very friendly and made sure that our authentic Italian coffees were always filled, and that we were enjoying our phenomenal food, including the fresh bread.


Bread at Phillips European Restaurant.
Bread at Phillips European Restaurant.


When we were finished eating, she made sure that we had containers to bring the left overs home, and even gave Louie extra sauce for later.


Phillips European Had The Best Italian food We’ve Ever Had

I know that this is a bold statement, but I can honestly say that Phillips European Restaurant has the best Italian food I’ve ever had. The pasta was cooked to perfection and the sauce was definitely home-made. We could tell that nothing came from a can. The coffee was also excellent. This was authentic Italian coffee that had a little strength to it but wasn’t burnt or stale. Louie, who usually is very picky with coffee and complains, was drinking his without a single word.


Louie also doesn’t like to eat much for lunch or anything at all. This time Louie not only ate lunch but also lost control a bit. He had no choice but to admit that he ate a little more than he expected to. Later that night, I finished what my mom couldn’t eat, and Louie said he finished his also.


As I already mentioned, this was the best Italian food I’ve ever had. I’ve been to places all over Rochester, New York that are phenomenal and they still couldn’t compete with this restaurant.


In New York City I’ve been to authentic Italian restaurants in Manhattan, the Lincoln Center and even the Seaport. Yet still, Phillips   European Restaurant blows them all away.


I’d Definitely Recommend Phillips European Restaurant

Lately it takes a lot for me to recommend a restaurant because they have to actually be exceptionally good.  The place has to be super clean. It has to have exceptional customer service, and the atmosphere has to be very inviting. And above all, the food has to be phenomenal and the restaurant has to stand behind it. Meaning, if it isn’t right they have to take care of it without any hassles or attitude.


Phillips European Restaurant not only met all my strict requirements, they exceeded them. That’s why I can whole heartedly recommend them because I know that you would actually agree with me.


Thank You To Legends 102.7

I would also like to say thank you to Legends 102.7 for not only giving us a gift card to a phenomenal restaurant, but also for a great experience. Not only did I get to eat the best Italian food ever, I got to spend some time with family and a very good friend. I cannot be thankful enough for this so again, a huge thank you to my favorite radio station of all time.


Let’s Do A Little Recap Here

Phillips European Restaurant Has…..

  • A great, inviting atmosphere.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Friendly Staff.
  • Uniquely decorated dining area.
  • The best Italian food.

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