Guess who’s back? If you said me, you’re right. But that’s not exactly the answer I was looking for. The correct answer I was looking for is Power In Motion. This amazing shop based out of Calgary, AB, Canada has truly won me over during the last year. It’s not because of their impressive selection. Or their incredible prices. And definitely not the phenomenal customer service that they’re known for. It’s actually a combination of all three of those rare qualities. This is the reason why I’ve been featuring a lot of their YouTube videos lately including this one, “Evo Atwater electric folding bike overview,” that I’ll also provide a link to.

Who Is This Evo Atwater Overview For?

As Power In Motion Explained in this video, the Evo Atwater is designed to bring a low price point at a great value. So if you’re hesitant to buy an electric folding bicycle due to the low price, this overview is for you.

When Power In Motion mentioned the specs, he said that the components weren’t all top notch but were adequate. I do like the fact that the Evo Atwater Electric folding bike has a built in head light and mechanical disc brakes. Along with some decent Kenda tires.

This Electric folding bike isn’t made for speed because of the small chain ring, but more than plenty for city riding.

Power In Motion does thoroughly explain more of the pros and cons of this folding electric bike. But for those who want a great value at an affordable price, this is a perfect electric bike for you.

As promised I’m also going to provide the YouTube link to this video below.

I’m also going to provide links to more reviews done by Power In Motion because I truly think you’ll find them enjoyable, and extremely helpful.

Thank you for following along and I truly hope you enjoyed this post along with video. As always, let me know what you think.

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