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Top Ten Electric Bicycle Manufacturers In The World

The electric bicycle often known as e-bike is a simple motor powered ride. We can say that they are the combination of conventional bike and a battery and motor which makes it easier for you to pedal it.


But you can find some whacky and weird inventions out there that do not fit the definition of the e-bike.


Hey, who am I to judge there is a place for everything in this world. Electric bikes have a lot to be desired and there are many reasons for you to buy an electric bicycle.


Perhaps you travel with a lot of cargo and the added power of battery and motor means now you can easily transport your cargo.


The biggest advantage of an e-bike is that you can pedal it like your conventional bicycle or when you feel tired you can take full advantage of battery and motor system and reach your destination without any hassle.


Nowadays the e-bike industry has grown quite big and there are a lot of options available for you as consumers. So it is very difficult to choose the right one for you.


Well, first you need to access what are your requirements and which kind of surface you’ll be driving on. Whether you want an off-road e-bike or an on-road e-bike, whether you want for the rural area or urban area.


So, the point is that you have to consider a lot of factors before actually buying an electric bicycle.


We have made this simple for you by compiling a list of top ten bicycle manufacturers in the world.


Half of your job is done and you can choose which brand suits your needs and proceed from there.


So, Without Further Ado Let’s Take A Look At the Top Ten Electric Bicycle Manufacturers In the World


1. DYU Electric Bicycle

DYU electric bicycle.
DYU electric bicycle.


Official DYU folding electric bicycle from F-wheel is one of the most growing and recognized brands in electric bike space.


It was founded by Leven Lee not too long ago. And in a short span of time, it has become a top brand in the electric bike space.


The bikes of F-wheel operate under the name of DYU and their bikes are designed with trendy streamline dolphin shape with folding e-bike body.


You can buy their bikes in the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. DYU official site.


2. Bosch

Bosch electric bicycle.
Bosch electric bicycle.


We all have heard of the company Bosch and they are one of the largest electric bicycle manufacturers in the world.


Their bicycles are designed to improve your riding experience.
With Bosch, you can experience your city with a different angle which you may never have seen before.


Bosch e-bike packs a punch in their products and their units can be customizable by the consumers. Bosch official site.


3. RiFunal

RiFunal electric bicycle.
RiFunal electric bicycle.


It is one of the newest players in this industry but they are one of the best one. Essentially they provide the custom electric bikes for the business.


And their USP is that they are dedicated to providing easy and affordable bikes to the consumers.


They have products for people from all walks of life. With their world-class manufacturing unit you can customize your bicycle very easily. RiFunal official site.


4. Specialized

Specialized electric bike.
Specialized electric bike.


Specialized is a company that has made the bicycle parts for decades and they are now in the electric bicycle manufacturing business.


And they are good at it too because their products feel like the traditional bicycles but they pack a punch every sense and give a thrilling and life-changing ride experience to commuters. Specialized official site.


5. Haibike

Haibike electric bike.
Haibike electric bike.

If you are a mountaineer and you are looking for the capable electric bike then you need not go further than the Haibike.


Their e-bike is relatively lightweight, affordable and capable for mountains.
Haibike is especially known for developing mountain e-bikes but their bikes are great for urban areas too.


Their electric bikes have gained a lot of attention in a few years. Haibike official site.


6. Raleigh Electric Bicycle

Raleigh e-bikes.
Raleigh e-bikes.


Raleigh electric bikes are designed for commuters to have fun with their ride.


The company started way back in 1987 and has been one of the top bicycle brands since then.


Now, for the electric bikes, they are the undoubted kings in the space. The Raleigh bikes have benefits like travel efficiency, eco-friendly and fitness.


Their electric bikes are very affordable, unlike other brands who charge around $5000 dollars.


The Raleigh bikes start from $1500 and go on from there. Raleigh official site.


7. Pedego Electric Bicycle

Pedego e-bike.
Pedego e-bike.


Pedego is one of the biggest brands in America because they always put people first.


Their CEO Don DiCostanzo always stresses it that their brand stands for people who ride their electric bikes.


Pedego has one of the diverse portfolios of products that fits all your needs and you can find the one which suits your personal preferences.


They have dedicated stores all across the world to serve their consumers better. Pedego official site.


8. IZIP Electric Bicycle

IZIP e-bike.
IZIP e-bike.


IZIP offers great products for commuting, cruising, adventure or transportation.


IZIP develops and manufactures the electric bicycles that are helpful to people who are riding it and their motto is to offer the best user experience as they can.

It is part of the Accell Group and they are the world’s largest electric bikes parts supplier.


Their products offer good quality paired with reliability and value. IZIP official site.


9. Alter Ego Electric Bicycle

Alter Ego e-bike.
Alter Ego e-bike.


Alter Ego is the most trusted and premium brand in Canada. Alter ego electric bikes is committed to providing the most affordable and eco- friendly electric bikes of the highest quality. Alter ego has the solution to deal with the urban chaos.
The name of the company itself means the inseparable friend. The Alter Ego bikes provide all the fun of normal bike while eliminating the lack of power. Alter Ego official site.


10. Giant Electric Bicycle

Giant e-bike.
Giant e-bike.


Giant is one oldest bicycle manufacturing company in the world and they are providing the e-bike for quite some time now.


With Giant e-bikes, you can discover a whole new way to ride. Giant e-bikes are suitable for commuting through the city or going off-road adventures.


There is a Giant bike available for every type of person in the world. And Giant bikes can ride smoother and faster. Giant official site.



DYU electric bicycle is the most stylish and beautiful electric bike, when Giant is the most expensive one.


When you want a stylish portable folding electric bicycle, leave alone other electric bikes and choose DYU, which can be the best choice for most people in the USA.


You’ll be proud of your wise choice.





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