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DYU Or SwagCycle: Which Electric Bicycle Is Better?

Electric bikes have come to stay as they are getting amazingly popular day in, day out. It allows riders to beat traffic by avoiding the congestion problem that is experienced in vehicles and the already overcrowded public transport systems.


There are a variety of electric bikes in the market today which makes it somewhat challenging for newbies to decide which to go for. However, this article is going to compare two of the most popular e-bikes in the market today: the DYU folding electric bike and the SwagCycle folding electric bike.


We want to see their features, what differentiates one from the other, etc.


Without Further Ado, Let’s Get Started:


Battery charge time – The SwagCyclesports a 4.4 Ah lithium-ion 36V battery with full charging time that takes about 4 hours. This is perfect for commuters as they can always charge it after each use.


The exact charge time for the battery – with a capacity of 4400mAh – of the DYU electric bike is precisely 2 hours 18 minutes which gives it an excellent edge over its counterpart, the SwagCycle.


The battery of the DYU electric bike also has adequate protection from overcharge, over-voltage, wastage, over-discharge, over-current, temperature irregularities, current-limit, etc.


Maximum weight capacity – The maximum load that the SwagCycle can carry is 119.7kg, and this is over and above the standard weight of an adult rider.


The DYU electric bike also has a maximum weight capacity of 120kg, so there isn’t much difference between the weight capacities of both electric bikes.


Foldability – The SwagCyle e-bike is made of a collapsible, aerospace-grade aluminum frame which fits comfortably in small storage recesses like the trunk of your car. The entire folding process takes up to a minute.


The DYU e-bike is made of sleek aluminum alloy frame that is sturdy, yet light enough to be carried – with one hand – upstairs for secure storage. It can fold down to a height of 20cm, thus making it possible to fit in your car trunk.


Performance –The SwagCycle e-bike with a powerful 350-watt motor can go up to 18 mph. Since this remarkable electric bike needs the power to function optimally, riders will need to always check their batteries before they go for a ride.


It means if there is no charge left, you may have to push the bike by hand to your destination or a place where you can have access to electricity to charge your vehicle.

Ride DYU Electric Bikes is a lot of fun, especially when you have three riding modes.
Ride DYU Electric Bikes is a lot of fun, especially when you have three riding modes.


The DYU electric bike, on the other hand,has three riding modes: electric power, manual power, and electric moped power. When riders don’t have any charge left, they can switch to manual power automatically, i.e.,pedaling away to your desired destination.


Both the SwagCycle and the DYU electric bikes use mobile applications for optimal usage. The mobile app is the only way via which riders can tell their speed or how fast they are going.


However, the smart app of the DYU electric bike has some features embedded in it such as route mapping, smart unlock, and bike health selfchecking features.



The SwagCycle is no match for the DYU electric bike which can reach up to 30 km per hour and is adjustable via its dedicated smartphone application.


DYU electric bike clearly surpasses its counterpart, the SwagCycle e-bike.





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