Side view of folded Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.
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The Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bicycle!

Recently I had the chance to put the Dahon Speed P8 folding bicycle through the greatest test.


I got to ride it through the Rough and tough High Falls historic area in Rochester, New York, with cobblestone roads that would make any bicyclist ride away in fear.


Would I trust my personal safety to a folding bicycle tackling these dreaded roads?


Full view of Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.
Full view of Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.


Dahon folding bicycles is a Brand I’ve come to trust after test riding many phenomenal models.


This was my chance to really put the Speed P8 folding bicycle to the ultimate test, and it definitely lived up to my high expectations.


Frame latch on Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.
Frame latch on Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.

Dahon Speed P8 Is Extra Durable

The Speed P8 has a tough frame made of Chromoly steel with flawless welds.


It’s rugged frame is built to withstand the abuse that bicycles are subjected to during daily city commutes.


And unlike aluminum, the steel frame absorbs the potholes and other imperfections in the road extremely well.


Holding this all together is a patented frame latch that keeps this bicycle from crumbling underneath you, no matter how rough the ride gets.


All this innovation and strength was definitely needed on a day like this.


It handled the cobblestone roads perfectly, offering a surprisingly smooth and vibration free ride.


Crankshaft on Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.
Crankshaft on Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.


Dahon Speed P8 Is High Performance

The Shwalbe big Apple tires on the twenty inch wheels made the bike roll extremely fast.


For being classified as a commuter bicycle, the acceleration was impressive.


I could feel it as soon as I started to pedal. The bicycle literally took off like a rocket.


This is a result of the stiff, forged crank set that provides maximum pedaling efficiency.


Dahon claims that this bicycle is made for recreational riding.


From my experience I’d have to disagree.


This beast rides exactly like a road bike with commuter bicycle comfort.


Gear selector on Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.
Gear selector on Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.

Dahon Speed P8 Is High Quality

What really impressed me the most was Dahon’s attention to detail. If I didn’t know the actual price, I would definitely think this folding bicycle costs way more than it does.


All the components are from Shimano, a very well known manufacturer of bicycle components.


Everything worked way better than expected. The twist shifter changed gears on the eight speed deraileur with crisp precision.


They actually worked better than full sized bicycles I’ve ridden. Stopping at high speeds also wasn’t a problem.


As soon as I pulled the high-end brake levers, the brakes responded immediately. And there were no squeaks or pulsations at all.


Top view of folded Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.
Top view of folded Dahon Speed P8 folding bike.

Dahon Speed P8 Provides Ultimate Comfort

Getting comfortable on the Speed P8 folding bicycle was actually very easy to do. I loved the feel of the seat, with it’s built in contours that relieves stress on your seat bones.


At no point did I experience any kind of pain or numbness, and this was a fairly long ride.


The seat not only looked great with the logo, it also was very functional. In fact it was one of the very best seats I’ve ever plopped my butt on.


There are also many thoughtful features included that makes this bicycle easily adaptable for riders of different sizes, and riding preferences.


This means that everybody in the family can ride this bicycle, no matter if you’re and adult or child.


It has a built-in feature on the handlebar stem that allows you to adjust the height of the handlebar.


Lower for a sportier, faster ride, or higher for a more relaxed leisurely one.


And my favorite features is the lever that gives the ability to change the handlebar angle, and ergonomic grips that give comfort for your hands.


Dahon Speed P8 Is The Perfect Commuter

The Speed P8 folding bicycle is one awesome performing commuter bicycle.


It rides exceptionally smooth over rough surfaces, and super fast on smooth pavement.


It looks like an extremely expensive folding bicycle with it’s modern look, and Shimano components.


Plus there’s a whole bunch of different accessories that you can buy to make your daily commute safer and more enjoyable.



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